Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Raising a little evangelist...sort of

As a mom, I've prayed that Cloe would accept
Christ as her Savior since before she was born.

Exactly a year ago last week, we were on our way to Estherville for my Grandpa's funeral, and Cloe started asking questions about life, death, God, sin, heaven, hell...
We had a great conversation.
We talked about a perfect God and His perfect creation,
Adam and Eve choosing to go against the Creator by doing what He said not to do (sin),
because of God's perfection and human's sin, there was nothing we could do to be declared "right" or "good" before God.
We talked about our sins and how sin separates us from God.

Even as a five year old, she knew that she had sinned...
any deliberate action, attitude, or thought that goes against God.
Here's where the conversation got exciting!
We're not stuck in that separation from God!

Jesus Christ came as the remedy for our sin.

God sent His only Son, perfect and holy,
to earth to die on the cross and not only take the punishment for our sins
but to become those sins so that we could be declared "right" before God.

Jesus Christ also defeated death and hell
by victoriously coming back to life after three days.
I shared with Cloe my favorite verse:
Acts 16:31 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

Cloe and I talked about how hard it is not to sin
but how easy it is to have a Savior
that can forgive our sins,
pay the penalty for our sins,
and make it possible for us to know God.

Cloe was ready!
She prayed and asked Jesus Christ to be her Savior.
She asked Him to forgive her sins, and thanked Him for dying on the cross.

Now...zoom forward a year...on the way to school, Cloe asked if her prayer was still "good" a year later. Since she was so young, we have never pressured or assumed that she fully understood the Gospel--the good news that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was raised from the dead and wants to be our Savior through faith alone!

We talked about our faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior being something we constantly believe not just a one time deal. We talked about the important of confessing our sins and thanking Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins.
Off she went into school, but the sauga wasn't finished yet.

A few days later Cloe and I went to a little home party together.
On the way home, Cloe nervously started asking questions.
"What if I get to heaven, will I have time to ask God to forgive me sins
or will I just have to go to hell?"

Whoa! Where was this coming from?

I told her it was important that people ask Jesus to forgive their sins and be their Savior while they are here on earth because when they die, it will be too late.

She immediately burst into tears and said,
"Mommy, last week

(ah-ha previous conversation)
I took a pack of gum out of your drawer, hid it in my lunch box, snuck it into my desk,
put a piece in my pocket and chewed it at recess.
I am so sorry! will you forgive me? Will God forgive me?"

It was the most amazing feeling as a mom to express my forgiveness to Cloe and to share that God had forgiven her too--but most importantly, there is never anything she can do that would make God (or mom) not love or forgive her.
Phew...I think I got to experience just a glimpse of what it must feel like for God when a child comes clean with their sin.
It was a very special time with Cloe!

However, the story wasn't quite over yet.
On the way to school Monday, Cloe again started with the questions.
"Will God forgive me if I sin again?
What if it's the same sin?"
"Yes...but what's going on Cloe?"
...more tears...
"I have more gum in my desk!"

We talked and decided that Cloe would get the gum out of her desk and also apologize to her teacher and ask for her forgiveness for going against a school rule, which is sin.

There were tears of nervousness,
tears of guilt,
and tears of relief
as the conversation with her teacher transpired.

The situation was finally completely resolved.

SO...now to get to the evangelist part...today, Cloe came home and told me her bff Jayne
(I am so not comfortable with this whole pre-teen bff lingo!)

had gum in her desk but didn't want to tell the teacher.
Cloe told her she needed give the gum to the teacher
because she would just keep feeling bad if she didn't.
(hmmm...personal experience?)

Jayne said she really didn't want to do that
because she thought she would get sent to the principle's office.

Cloe's reply: "Jayne, do you know the word hell?"

Maybe a little harsh of a start there, Cloe!
We are so excited, though, that Cloe realizes
sin separates us from God
and already has a burden for her...bff.

Tonight we talked about a more loving way to go about sharing the good news,

the Gospel:

Jesus Christ loves us,

He became the remedy for our sins,

and wants to save us for a life that brings glory to God!


Debbi said...

Beautiful. This brought tears to my eyes. Our God Is Mighty to Save & To Change Lives!

Alisa said...

Soooo great, Londa! You must be bubbling over with pride over that little lady's gentle heart. There's so much of that that can not be taught or "wished upon." That's your little girl's sweet, God-given spirit coming out.

It also speaks volumes to your hard work as a parent. Inspiring!!

Just getting caught up on the blog. So glad you loved the arboretum! That makes me miss living there so close to it! Such a great for natural exploring, isn't it?

And I'm so glad you love the photos. I had such a great time with you guys. The kids did extraordinarily well! I pray they are little treasures for you to look back on in years to come.

Blessings, friend!

Following The Fosters said...

love this story! thanks for sharing this!

une autre mère said...

You go, Cloe! What a great girl! And thanks for sharing this story. It brought tears to my eyes too!

peter marie said...

What a sweet little girl and what a great story. (you'll be so glad you wrote this down!)

It will be so exciting to see her testimony grow as she gets older. She's got a beautiful heart!

Anonymous said...

Grandma Nelsen said...So happy that Cloe has a tender heart and wants to please Jesus. That is what I pray for all our grandkids. Also praying for wisdom and strength for Londa and Cody as they teach them about Jesus.

Erin said...

How exciting to see her want to share her faith! It's also exciting that she is growing in her own.