Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today we took a little family trip to the Brenton Arboretum.
(Thank you blogging friend for the recommendation! It's been on my mind ever since you posted it!)

It was beautiful:
An amazing display of our Creator's handiwork!

Most of the leaves were gone, but colorful berries still hung on many trees. I love the brilliant yellow berries!
After a quick picnic lunch, our explorers were ready to go!
(Carson couldn't just look at my eye, he had to show me his do photographers do it?)
Time to shake out the shoes...

Nothing beats a snuggle with Grandma...

...except maybe a snuggle with Grandpa!

We had a little science lesson on snails and tadpoles...

...and a little history lesson on the milkweed.
My dad was in elementary school during World War 2 and he remembers getting out of school early to go pick milkweed. They used the milkweed in life preservers for the soldiers!...and a little art lesson!

This place gets a great big thumbs up!

Of course, there was also a little tweeting...

But this was the best part!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful day and beautiful family! I'm putting this place on my mental "to do" list!

peter marie said...

Looks like fun!