Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas was filled with
treacherous travels,beautiful Christmas lights,
stinky cheese from a delicious raclette meal,my dad's reading of the birth of our Savior from Luke 2,fun with cousins, NEW TOYS!fun in 18 inches of snow,and fun in a pool...all in the same day!
The excitement didn't end there!
On the way home, Cloe lost her second tooth!

But wait...there was one more thing...

Can you guess what happened next?


Amanda said...

Oh wow!! I know about the bad weather... LOVED grandpa reading out of Luke... that is perfect!


Bea O'Problem said...

Here's what Frenchies think happened:

E - You took the tire off and made a swing out of it.
A - You had to replace the tire.
D - You had to put all the "gifts" in a pile, light them on fire to keep warm while the car was broke down.
Z - The tire popped.
M - You realized that thud you heard just outside of Madrid on Hwy 17 was more than a snowdrift, when you saw reindeer fur and a glowing red nose stuck on your front tire.

Our country shuts down during the holidays and we were bored. Thanks for giving us something to do.

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année

The Frenchies

Unknown said...

That is the most action packed day I've seen in awhile - crazy! Fun, wild, busy, family...what a great Christmas. Love the picture of Cloe with the hole in her mouth(looks so much like Cody in that one)- you can see all the loot stacked up in the back of the Jeep! The joys of bringing it all home :-) Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!