Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thrifty Thursday!

Here it is Thursday again already! We are loving this snow day business! The kids have done great at staying content while being stuck indoors. This afternoon we're enjoying a few holiday movies! Here's my thrifty tip for this week:

Tip #5: Coupons can be worth their while. I'll be honest, I totally have a love/hate relationship with coupons. I grew up watching my mom sort and sift through coupons, carry huge coupon binders around, and seeing the total slowly tick down at the register...laughing when the coupons spilled all over the grocery aisle, not laughing when we had to pick them up for a frantic mother...

Before we had children, I rarely had time to clip a coupon, much less remember to take them along to the store and match them up with the right items. Now that we've been minus that extra paycheck for six and a half years, coupons have become something that I strive to conquer at the grocery store. Many times our grocery bill totals at 50-60% off! Those days, I love coupons!

The best way to get started is to grab yourself a cute little coupon binder from the dollar store. Next, start clipping and printing coupons. (Please print in black/white/gray scale/low quality!)
I usually only clip the ones that I would consider using, so obviously I don't waste time clipping coupons for denture cream or adult diapers...I'm just saying... I also hunt down good coupons online! has a lot of great coupons and new ones are loaded every month.

The next step is find a good *free* website that will give you a heads-up on coupon match-ups at area stores. Please do not spend money to have someone tell you about these deals! Housewife Hacks is done by a local gal who always posts great deals! I love that she does the work of sifting through the weekly ads for deals and coupon match-ups! She also posts the links to find the online coupons--can't get easier than that! There are several other great websites...just follow the links! I'll try to get the ones I use listed my my sidebar soon!

My final word of advice today concerning coupons is don't buy an item just because you have a coupon! Those silly 25 cent off coupons for Charmin toilet paper do not make it justifiable for me to buy it over another cheaper brand. Now, if you're a die hard fan of a certain brand and will only buy that certain brand, then by all means, coupon away!

Hope these thrifty coupon tips help!

Happy Couponing!


une autre mère said...

Also a big fan of coupons! Bring 'em on and get me some scissors!

Christine Poole said...

I have always wanted to a fan of coupons...but have never gotten into spending the time doing it. I can't promise anything....but I can say that these posts from people of getting 50% off their grocery bill are tempting...