Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thrifty Thursday!

Tip # 7: Let the “deal” bloggers do the work to help you live frugally!

I have latched on to several really good bloggers who do the work of finding awesome weekly deals! I use to have to spend a lot of time sorting through grocery and store ads matching their deals with my coupons. Not anymore!

There’s an awesome local blogger who digs through all the local grocery ads, points out great deals, and matches their specials with any coupons that are available. There are many bloggers that find freebies and money saving deals for living frugally--find them and follow them!
Just last week, I was browsing through my list of “deal blogs” and came across a super sale on Leapster games at Toys R Us. This totally perked my interest because the boys are getting Leapsters for their birthday tomorrow from Grandma and Grandpa.
(Birthday or birthdays? Two boys / one day / singular or plural? The correct way to say this has been really bugging me! Opinions???)

The sale at Toys R Us was "Buy 1 Get 1 Free Leapster Games". Throughout November and December, many magazines had $5 off coupons for these games. The games are rather pricey at $25 each, but bogo plus two $5 off coupons seemed pretty attractive!

Geoffrey Giraffe from the Toys R Us Birthday Club sent the boys each $3 giftcards! Woo-hoo! It almost seemed like a deal too good to be true!

I grabbed four games and headed to the register ready for defeat by a coupon nazi ready to spoil my looming coupon rush...but the especially friendly clerk rang up the games, cheerfully took my coupons and congratulated me on a deal well played!

I have a new love for Toys R Us!

Of course, in sneaky mommy fashion, the boys were right along with me and had no idea what we were purchasing! That was hardest part!

I have listed some of my favorite freebie and deal blogs in my sidebar. I would love to see it grow! Do you have any awesome frugal living blogs to add to the list?


Kipp and Katie said...

I would say "their (referring to two boys) birthday (referring to one day)" For example Uncle Ronnie and I share the same birthday.