Monday, January 4, 2010

Remembering a Decade

Twenty ten
Two thousand ten
It's here!

Katie over at the Baby Factory has a fun post remembering a decade. I agree, God has certainly blessed me in more ways than I deserve or ever could imagined...

Here's a look at our decade:
Student taught kindergarten at Grandview with the best teacher, Mrs. Behrens
(little girl puked in her lap and rubbed it in...little boy peed his pants and it ran almost the whole length of the room...amongst other greater memories!)
Cody worked nights at UPS and functioned on way too little sleep...found him asleep in the library once
Cody and I graduated from Faith...even got to sing at commencement:
Got to travel on a team from our college all over the west coast for ten weeks--I would give anything to visit all those beautiful places and seven states again!
Cody got a job in admissions at Faith and directed a ladies choir (oh the jokes)
Started teaching second grade in the fall to 17 students who still have a special place in my heart
Left Christmas day to visit my brother and his family in LaRochelle, France

Celebrated New Year's in Paris!
Got a speeding ticket in Ankeny while giving a ride to a "more mature" teacher...embarrassing!
Spent the Fourth of July in New York City during a fabulous East Coast vacation!
Went to Chicago for a fun weekend with our friends, Josh and Mickie
9/11 happened...I shared the horrible news with my whole second grade class, then got the message to keep it secret...oops! My sister also found out she was expecting a baby!
Bought our first home...simultaneously Cody got a call to work at Willow Creek

Started part time at Willow Creek on January 1, Cody also kept his full time job at Faith
Locked my keys in the car...locked out of the house, had to run a mile in freeeezing cold conditions to our friends' house...she drove me 30 mi. to WC to get house key from Cody. Looong story, but so memorable! Thanks, Mickie!
Took a fantastic trip to Pensacola, FL with our friends, Scott and Carrie
Dropped a 32 oz. beverage on the way into the back to school open house and got asked by a parent if I was expecting...took a test and found out on the second day of school that we were expecting a baby!
Cody went full-time at Willow Creek...yeah for one job!
Went to Colorado over Christmas with the Criggers for a ski trip...I shopped!

Planned and shopped for our baby!
The only teacher who got to wear pants at I could be "comfortable"
Had an ob visit and the nurse practitioner accidentally broke my water...time for baby to come!
April 24-- Cloe Grace arrived 10 days early at 7 lb. 6 oz. She was *beautiful*!
Flew to California with a new baby...she did great!
Drove to Pennsylvania a month later...altitude started to bother baby Cloe...collic set it!
Cloe outgrew the collic and started crawling at five!
Drove to Colorado for a wedding and a week of vacation...we had one travelin' baby!

Started nannying two days a week for Ty and Bella--they loved Cloe
Cloe turned one and cried when she got messy from the frosting on her cake
Traveled to Pennsylvania for a Teen Leadership Conference with our youth group
Took 15 youth group kids to France for an awesome missions trip (Cloe stayed with grandma and grandpa)
Cody's wallet and palm pilot were stolen out of his office at church--while Cloe slept in the unlocked office across the hallway--scary!
Cody and I went to my favorite state, South Carolina, for a week of vacation


Took Cloe rollerskating for the first time
Found out we were pregnant in May...started spotting over Memorial Day weekend
Prepared for the worst...outcome was the best: TWO heartbeats
Took naps and played lots of princess dress-up with Cloe
Traveled to Florida for a conference and didn't get to see the ocean
Grew huge with two baby buns in the oven

NEW YEARS BABIES! Two handsome, healthy boys!
Many months blurred together but full of memories of smiles, diapers, bottles, and a very sweet helpful big sister
Drove to South Carolina squeezed into a Monte Carlo to vacation with my whole family
Renewed my teaching license
Cody's sister got married...Cloe was the cutest flower girl ever, but fell asleep for our family pic

Cloe started preschool...I cried
Took a fun and memorable family vacation to Durango, Colorado
Spent one long week in the hospital with Carson because of asthma problems
Why do I remember nothing from this year...ah yes, 2 on-the-go boys!

Went to Adventureland...twice!
Sent the boys to grandma's house...they came home potty trained!
Cloe started kindergarten...I cried...and cried...and cried...
Visited our cousins in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Took a trip to the emergency room again...McClain drank the asthma medicine
Had tons of fun visiting the zoo and science center with three curious kiddos

Enjoyed our first spring break family vacation to Outerbanks, North Carolina
Celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Miami and Key West, Florida
Cloe started first grade...I cried
Spent lots of time building towers, reading books, and

There were a lot of amazing things packed into the last ten years! As you can see, I somehow remember fewer things after having children! I can tell you, however, how much they weighed on just about any given month! The job of the memory just got jiggled around a bit!

We have been so blessed to see our family grow into five healthy, happy people who love to be together, love to play and travel, and most of all, love to serve Christ together. We pray that the next ten years will be full of those same blessings and more and seek to become more like Jesus Christ!


peter marie said...

This was so fun to read!! You guys have had quite the decade! :)

Mandi said...

So cool, Londa... I really enjoyed reading this. When can we plan a get together?! I'd love to visit with you and LEARN from you :)

une autre mère said...

So fun! What a great decade you've been blessed with!

Unknown said...

How awesome. I loved reading this - I feel like I know you better now. I had NO idea that Cody led a woman's choir. I have more great info on him. We should totally have a Jeopardy night for the Pastors at church:
"He majored in handbells at college?"
"WHO IS PASTOR CODY!!!!" Ha ha ha
Be thankful for all the blessings of the last decade. I hope 2010 is your best year yet!