Monday, February 1, 2010

A Sure Sign...

Here's a sure sign that our children have been
cooped up inside watching waaaay too much PBS kids:

Thank you, Electric Company.
Now anytime Carson needs anything,
he gives us his signature call: Hey You GUYS!

Spring is coming, right?


Erin said...

I loved that show when I was a kid!!!!

Unknown said...

Spring is right around the corner, right? You'll get out sometime. SO sorry about the sicky-sickness. SAD! I hope you all are back at 'em soon and that nothing spreads. If you want out for lunch later this week, let me know - I'll be in your neck of the woods!

une autre mère said...

That's how my mom used to wake us up for school sometimes, since she knew we loved the Electric Company. Now it's fun that my girls can enjoy the same show (well, not really the same, but kinda...)

And yes, spring IS around the corner. I'm not sure it's around the NEXT corner... it may be a few blocks away, but it's around SOME corner. :)

Anonymous said...

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