Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursday...birthday edition

Thrifty Tip #11: Sign up for Birthday Treats and ENJOY!

Growing up, my favorite day of school was the day I got to take treats for my birthday! My mom would always bake a special treat that I loved sharing with my friends!

1988...sporting some double looped pearls!
Maybe I should have looked into a career with Premier!

Guess what! My birthday is just around the corner, and I want to share some birthday treats with all of you! Choose your favorites, and sign up for some fun birthday treats!

Here are some of my favorite birthday treats:

Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club – free ice cream (for kids, too!)
Caribou Coffee - free drink on your birthday
Starbucks - free drink on your birthday
Red Robin – free burger
Ace Rewards – $5 off $20 coupon (great way to kick off that home improvement project!)
Borders Rewards – free dessert and 15% coupon
DSW Rewards – coupons (values vary by location)
Baskin Robbins Birthday Club – free ice cream (for kids, too!)
Culver's - free sundae when you buy one
Dairy Queen- free Blizzard when you buy one
Krispy Kreme- free dozen when you buy one dozen
Applebee's - free dessert (no sign-up)
Buffalo Wild Wings - free dessert
Famous Daves P.I.G. Club – free food, kids included
Fuddruckers - free shake w/purchase
Joe's Crabshack - free appetizer w/purchase
Lone Star Steakhouse - $15 gift card
Macaroni Grill- free dessert w/purchase
Biaggi's - free dessert
Mimi's Cafe - free food, free breakfast with sign-up
Orange Julius - free food
On The Border - free food
Qdoba Mexican Grill - free burrito w/entree purchase
Outback Steakhouse - free dessert on your birthday, no sign-up
Papa Murphy's - free food
Subway - free meal w/purchase
Quizno's - free cookie
Red Lobster - $5 coupon
Splash Seafood - free meal up to $30, fill out card at restaurant
Ruby Tuesday - free burger w/purchase
T.G.I.Friday's - coupon
Betty Crocker - free cookbook download

Here are some birthday treats just for the kids:

Applebee's - free meal for child, fill out postcard at restaurant
The Children's Place - coupon for 15 or 20% off (for kids, too!)
Burger King - free kids meal
Chuck E. Cheese's- free tokens (12 & younger)
Geoffrey’s Birthday Club – Toys 'R Us giftcard of varying values (ages 2-10)
IKEA Kids Club – free stuff (in-store sign-up)
Michael’s The Knack Kids Club - coupons all year long (12 & younger)

Here are a few Birthday treats for Credit Card Holders:

Victoria Secret - $10 giftcard
World Market - $20 giftcard
NY and Co. - 15% off coupon
GAP - varying coupons

For more birthday treats, visit this awesome birthday website!


peter marie said...

So, when are you free to run around town and do every single one of them. Can you imagine the fun-ness that would be?! :)

Following The Fosters said...

also to add to your list for kids. at incredible pizza if it is the childs birthday they get a sticker to wear that says its their bday and a little goody bag of cheapy toys. and they get to spin this wheel and get various prizes depending on what they land on like $10 gamecard or 100 extra tickets to buy prizes.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Thanks for another deal, Kasey! We haven't been to Incredible Pizza yet--it seems like a creepy cousin to Chuck E Cheese...sometimes I'm a germ freak! We will have to try it out sometime--armed with soapy wash clothes and hand sanitizer! :)

Abby--I think I'll take your idea and lobby for a week of eating out! I usually get all the free coffee drinks and use the free ice cream treats for the kids!

Following The Fosters said...

i actually like incredible pizza better than chuck e cheese. and it is a christian company. they have up on their wall that they are and the manager is really nice. but i totally understand the germ thing!

Amy Kramer said...

Hey Londa- I'm Brien Brough's sister... I met you a few times at FBC and Bass Lake Camp. I found your blog through Katie Brook's blog.
Anyways, thanks for the heads up on the birthday deals. My birthday is Sunday, so I'm going to try to get on some of them right away! :)

Amy Kramer said...

Oh!! And FYI... Timberlodge Steakhouse gives you a $10 coupon on your birthday, too!!
Yippee!!! :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I'm with Peter Marie -- give me a ring when you want to go cash in on all your birthday freebies :)

une autre mère said...

That picture of you is adorable! And ya know... you can start a career with Premier anytime! ;-)

Thanks for all the links! I'm gonna get a little click happy and start signing myself and the whole fam up now!

Unknown said...

W.O.W. That list is amazing! I'll help you go collect big time for your bday. Girls day out! 10,000 calories, here we come! Thanks for the list. (and you were a CUTE 11 year old)

Amanda said...

WOW!! You rock... thanks for all the great info... Yeah Birthdays!!


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

holy cow.....I'll take one of each of those :)

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Londa! Hope the roads are ok so you can get out and take advantage of some of your free birthday things!