Monday, March 8, 2010


Can you believe there are only 9 days of winter left?

I think we can safely say we have completely milked this winter for all of its winteriness.

Record breaking snowfalls.

Record number of snow days off from school.

Record setting fires in my oven in the fireplace.

To celebrate the imminent end of winter and bid it a speedy farewell,  we made a winter citrus fruit salad.

It was sooo yummy and full of sweet tart goodness!

To quote my husband, "Best fruit salad ever.  I could eat this every day!"

So there you have it! 

What will you being doing to bid winter farewell?

winter citrus fruit salad
 I adapted this recipe from everybody likes sandwiches . My changes are in parenthesis.
 2 pink grapefruits  (4 pink grapefruits)
2 blood oranges   (4 sunkist oranges)
1 Honeycrisp apple (or sub in another apple of your choice)
1 lime, juiced and zested
2 heaping T of sugar  (2 heaping T of agave nectar)

With a sharp knife, remove the rind and pith of the grapefruits and oranges and cut them into rounds. Cut into quarters, removing any thick segmenty bits if necessary. Cut the apple into a bite-sized dice and throw them all into a medium sized serving bowl. Add the sugar and lime juice over top and give everything a good stir so that the sugar melts into the salad. Sprinkle with lime zest and serve. This salad also keeps nicely for a few days in the fridge.


Amanda said...

That looks fantastic!! We have fruit ALL year long here... I just cant get enough blueberries! :)

To get out of MY winter funk I made a Spring Cake!! :)


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

I wish I liked grapefruit....because that looks so good. But I'm curious about Amanda's Spring Cake!

une autre mère said...

I tried to bid winter farewell the minute it landed by using harsh language like, "Go away. We don't like you" and dissing it on my blog. But I guess that didn't work... Maybe I should try that yummy citrus fruit salad instead!

Anonymous said...
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