Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #16:  Joining consumer panels is a great way to get freebies and coupons for your favorite products in your mailbox!

I'll admit it:  I'm a mailbox junky.  I love love love hearing the rhythmic buzz of the mailtruck dropping off daily surprises in my mailbox!  When I hear that mailtruck sound, I lurk at my front window just long enough to see him drive off to the next mailbox (don't want to seem too eager!) and then dash out to find what surprises have arrived for the day!  It's okay if you're laughing at me right now...Cody thinks my obsession with the mail is hilarious.  I get it from my dad, seriously.  The uncanny sense that the mail carrier is close by just runs in our family genes.

Joining consumer panels has filled my mailbox with great surprises!  I was reminded of how much I love these consumer panels when a sample box of Kashi cereal arrived today with a coupon for a FREE box of cereal and four other $1.50 off coupons!  I heart Kashi...not so much the price, so these coupons are greatly appreciated!

Here are my three favorite consumer panels:

Vocalpoint:  A community of moms who participate in forums for new products, health and beauty tips, food and recipes, children and family...  I don't spend a lot of time on this forum, but I do enjoy the many items I receive in the mail!

KRAFT First Taste: Be the first to find out about new KRAFT products.  Coupons are sent out for free products and surveys are done to share your opinions.  It's fun to receive coupons for items we wouldn't normally buy...Double Stuff Oreo Cakesters.  Going to need to share these!

Kashi:  This forum helps individuals take another step toward healthy living with exclusive coupons, recipes, discussions, and insider news and events.  As I said, we love Kashi products.  However, the cost often deters us from buying them.  By using the coupons they send often and watching for sales at Target, I can stock up on Kashi cereal, crackers, and cereal bars for about $1.00 - $1.50 a box!

Hope you'll join in the fun of consumer panels!  
See you at the mailbox!


une autre mère said...

Oh, I love the mail truck too! It's always a disappointment though when I open the mailbox to find a lone bill. Thanks for this thrifty tip! Now maybe I can get some better stuff in my box!

Following The Fosters said...

yes! i think it must be a SAHM thing...although i think i was obssessed with the mailman before i had kids...but corbin thinks im crazy because i can hear the mail truck when im upstairs in our bathroom with music on and the hair dryer going! thanks for sharing that i can get even more goodies in the mail!

Amanda said...

I just signed up for the first one... am going to do the other two tonight.. THANK YOU for this great info!!


LeAnna said...

Oh me too!!!! I am always signing up for stuff. Brandon is always laughing at me. Today, I got prunes!! Why? I don't know... they were free! lol! But, it's all about the coupons, right? Love Kraft First Taste too!

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

Um, please add me to the "mailbox junky" list :). I am the same way!