Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #17:  Buying a family membership to local children's venues can provide hours of family fun at a fraction of the cost of regular admission!

This thrifty tip is coming in almost late because we spent the day having a blast at The Science Center!
For the last several years, we have received a family membership to the Science Center and Blank Park Zoo as a Christmas gift.  
We love it!  Just two visits to the Science Center and Zoo pay for this membership.  
It's totally worth the cost for all of the fun activities and entertainment these places provide for our family.
Today we learned all about's Cloe pulling out his small intestine!  
So interesting!
Everyone took their turn giving the weather forecast in front of the green screen.
Cloe also figured out some headless little guy tricks!
One of our very favorite spots was the BuBbLe BaY!

Where's your favorite place to take your children?


Unknown said...

LOVE the Science Center - in fact, we're going there tomorrow! Love the zoo, too. We're still at the age where even the small neighborhood parks are wonderful. And they still LOVE Bass Pro Shop. I'm sure they'll grow out of it, but for now - it's a fun, free, and nearby adventure.

Unknown said...

nice blog. You are lucky to receive such a wonderful Christmas gift. All the kids pictured on the blog are cute and adorable.

Amanda said...

Londa!! This looks like so much fun!! I really need to make it a point to get out more... and doing this kind of activities can be so rewarding for the whole family!

God bless-

une autre mère said...

I'm glad you mentioned that just 2 trips pay for the membership so I don't have to figure out the math by myself! :) We LOVE the zoo and the science center, so now we might just have to splurge a little and get memberships! Thanks for the idea! :)