Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Easy On-the-Go Supper!

Most of the time, I think of using my crock pot during the winter.  It's super handy for soups and makes the house seem all warm and homey with the fragrances of comfort food cooking all day.

However, I find that I appreciate my crock pot more during the busy-ness of springtime.

My sister-in-law Katie is the inspiration for this chicken dish.  She fixed it for us once, and we all loved it!  It's so easy, tastes delicious, and you can personalize the dish to your family's liking.

Chicken Tostadas

Two large chicken breasts (four halves or more for a crowd)
1 jar salsa (this is the perfect time to use up the salsa that wasn't your favorite!)

Black Beans
Cumin or Taco Seasoning
Corn Tortillas or Taco Shells
Sour Cream or Greek yogurt

Combine chicken and salsa in crock pot.  Cook on high 4-6 hours or on low for 8 hours.  Shred chicken and beans and corn, if desired.  Season to taste. I added a little cumin.  Taco seasoning could also be added.
If using fresh corn tortillas, crisp up in oven.  Top with chicken mixture, lettuce, and a little Greek yogurt.

What meal does your family enjoy during the busy-ness of spring?


Unknown said...

That looks SO good! I'll be sending that to my hubby to try it out!

peter marie said...

Yummy!! We always love a good taco here...I'll have to try that one!

I've been craving grilled chicken with black beans and rice, which is probably our most repeated meal this time of year. We also like a good blt on some really scrumptious bread. It also seems that in the spring/summer, meals can be more last minute and a little later than usual. I love that!

Anonymous said...

I make that all the time, only we just use it as taco filling. And I dump the salsa, beans, and corn all on top of the chicken in the crock pot. Yum yum.

Also a big fan of barbecue chicken sandwiches in the crockpot, and meals that I can make ahead and bake the night of. And of course, grilling is always my friend! :)

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

You're pretty much amazing with all your recipes, lady.

Someday maybe there will be such a thing as 'On the Go' Suppers at my house :)

PS. Saw the pic of you and your pastor wives and Baby Augsburger.....seriously, bawled my eyeballs out. yep. they're gone. So wonderful :)

Linzi said...

I had never considered swapping greek yogurt for sour cream! GREAT IDEA!!!!! love it.