Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Fabulous Friday!

Today, Cody and I spent the day at Cloe's elementary school participating in  
Brookview Art Town.  

"Art Town is an annual day of fine art activities.  Each student experiences one music, one dance, one drama/literature and three visual art sessions.  Our goal for students is to enjoy new experiences in the arts, that they may not have the opportunity to in any other way.  We hope to spark new art related interests in our students, so that they may continue to pursue this new passion for the rest of their lives."

Along with thirty other "artists" varying from professionals to parent volunteers, Cody and I led six sessions of kindergarten, first, and second grade students in music related activities.
Ooo...we're famous!  (Never mind the spelling drove me nuts all day!  I did not write that!)  Each student got a booklet with a listing of all artists and a description of their session.  We felt a little awkward walking in with the other musicians who were carting in steel drums and 17 zillion homemade instruments... 
Here's Cody showing the kids the parts of a guitar.  
We also sang some silly songs and created a rainstorm using just the instruments of our hands and feet!  
Each grade's storm was recorded so that they could share it with their parents.
Brookview Art Town is hands down Cloe's favorite day of the entire school year!  
She just eats up all the creative art projects!

After school, we headed to the mall for a little while and stumbled upon Senator Chuck Grassley!  He's such a kind man.  His assistant took our family picture.  Not sure if we made him nervous or if he just needed some protein, but the picture is a little shaky!

So, there you have it: Our Fabulous Friday!
Hope yours was fabulous too!


une autre mère said...

That is so cool that you guys got to participate in that! Looks like you definAtely had a good time! ;)

Amanda said...

Love it Londa!! You guys are the coolest parents... and such a beautiful family!!

H-Mama said...

You are making wonderful memories. Priceless.