Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to have a birthday luau...

1.  Put a sign out in the front yard so all your friends will know where the party is.
2.  Curl your hair and put on a pretty new party dress.
3.  Make a beachy themed cake with your favorite Polly Pocket and delicious butter cream frosting!
4.  Put up some festive decorations from the lovely Dollar Store.
5.  Invite all your special friends and family.  Give them fun sticker scenes to create when they arrive.
6.  Compliantly dress up however your mommy for the picture and then take it off.
7.  Play some fun Hawaiian games like the limbo!  Go Haddie!
8.  Carefully blow out the candles in a zillion little breaths as not to blow wax or spit on the cake...that's my germ conscious girl!
9.  Thoroughly enjoy opening amazing gifts--especially creative gifts with dollar bills hidden in the pages of a new coloring book! 
10.  Pose with all your friends for captured memories!
11.  Decide to head out for the pinata just as it starts raining...hit it quickly!
12.  Pose with the funny hula lady!
13.  Grin from ear to ear and enjoy the day 'cause it's your birthday!


Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

looks like it was a great day! I think I saw your parents with the kiddos at Costco on Saturday. But I knew they wouldn't know me from anyone I didn't say anything to them. But they looked cute!

une autre mère said...

How fun! You're such an amazing creative mom! Love the cake! Too too cute! Looks like everyone had a super time!

Unknown said...

This looks like such a fun party - all those happy smiling faces. Super-cute cake, too! You're such a great mom! Hope Cloe completely enjoyed the day.

Nikkers said...
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Nikkers said...
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Nikkers said...
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Nikkers said...

What a great party! You are so creative!

Debbi said...

Happy Birthday Cloe!

What a fun party & Cloe's BIG, adorable smile tell us all how much she loved it!

Sarah said...

Precious! And what a great idea for a party - I'm impressed!

And I'd *love* for you to be a faithful reader! :)

peter marie said...

Looks so amazingly fun!!

The cake turned out so adorably.

Good job on making that sweet girl feel so special!

Anonymous said...

We love to put dollar bills in pages. I had a lot of fun - it was a fun party - even when it started raining. Love you Cloe! From Abigail