Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Little April Fool's Day Fun!

Having kids brings a whole new meaning to April Fool's Day!

Mom, I'm bleeding!
April Fools!
Mom, Dad's on the phone!
April Fools!
Mom, I wet my pants! (yeah, that's not hilarious!)
April Fools!
Mom, the ball went over the fence!
April Fools!
On and on and on and on it went...
Perhaps letting the beloved older sister teach her four year old brothers about this prank-filled day wasn't the best idea!

We did have some fun with an after school treat that we shared with all our neighbor kids!
Vegetable Pot Pies...mmmmm!

First, we cut sugar cookie dough, brushed it with an egg wash, and baked it to make the "top crust" for our pot pies.

Then we cut up some Starbursts and sorted out green jelly beans and bunnies for our carrots, corn, peas, and green beans!
Next we whisked up some vanilla pudding (Thanks for cleaning out your cupboard, Jessica! I knew we'd use it!).  We filled the bottoms of our pie tins and sprinkled the top with our vegetables.
Then, very carefully, we put the lids on our pot pies.  Voila!
Surprise, surprise Big Sister!

What pranks do you pull today?  
Did you get anybody really good?


Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

Didn't get anyone...after all I'm already pregnant and everyone already knew that I couldn't figure out any other "pranks" to play on someone.

une autre mère said...

Those are sooo stinkin' cute! At first when you said you made "vegetable pot pies" for the neighbor kids, I was like, "wow... nice one, Londa" full of sarcasm, of course. Then I saw their sugary goodness and LOVED it! So fun!

Unknown said...

Woah -those might even get me to eat my veggies :-) Cute and SO fancy lookin'

Following The Fosters said...

that is such a cute idea! may have to steal this one for next year to trick someone with!

Amanda said...

Those are SO cool!! You are the most creative mom ever!!

I didnt do anything to anyone.. I have yet to even tell my kids about April fools! :)