Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here's what I'm up to!

The past post may have seemed extra sentimental...it's because I'm away from  my babies this week!
Cody is taking a class near Chicago and I got to tag along.  
I have to admit, when I dropped Cody off for his first day of class, I had a wave of emotion sweep over me. 
It was just like when I dropped Cloe off for her first day of school!   

What is wrong with me?!?  
(if you're my brother, don't answer that!)

Anywho...it lasted just a moment and then I realized I was FREE!

Where did I go first?
It's like grocery store heaven!
I spent a nerdy long time checking out every.single.aisle.
I filled my little green basket with a plethora of bulk grains.
I checked out cookbooks and  magazines.
Drooled over this:
(I'll be trying this out first thing next week!)
Bought a delicious little snack:
It was like someone took a piece of sweet juicy cherry pie and filled it with yummy almonds--AMAZING!

Then I headed to a few more shops until Cody's class got out late in the afternoon.
We hopped in the car and headed just a few miles to Lake Michigan.
It was absolutely beautiful!
Our kids would have thought they died and went to heaven:  
a playground on the beach!
(I was trying to be a subtle photographer so I wouldn't creep out the parents!)
We walked on an old stone path and found this cool stone archway.
On our way back, we passed miles and miles of enormous, exquisite homes.
Then we sat on the patio at Big Bowl and enjoyed a fresh ginger ale with a splash of pomegrante juice!  
SO delicious and refreshing!
Obviously we were too hungry to snap a picture of the pad thai, but it was super good, too!
We went back  to the hotel so Cody could study and read...and I could sleep!

Today I got my Mother's  Day  gift:
I have only had a couple of massages, but this one was the best!
The masseuse was a short, hippy looking lady named Pam.
She called me "Larnda".  Gotta love my name!
So relaxing!!!

That's all for now!
(sorry if there are grammatical/spelling errors...I'm hurrying!)

Tomorrow:  IKEA!


Set Apart Living Mama said...
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Set Apart Living Mama said...

It looks like you had a great time!!! I used to go to Lake Michigan all the time when we used to go to the Great Lakes base we were stationed in Glenview NAS but it is closed now ...Our base was home of the Blue Angels!! I miss it up there since it's soo pretty!!
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Bea O'Problem said...

"What is wrong with me?!?"

Oh my goodness, that question, posed on the world wide web, it's like a 1000 Christmases wrapped into a 5 word little question.

Well, where do I start...

I'll get back to you in a while.


the brother

Sarah said...

oh my goodness, that sounds AWESOME! Enjoy every second :)

Amanda said...

Oh Londa!!! I am SO glad you got to enjoy yourself... everywhere you went looks absolutely beautiful!!


peter marie said...

Looks amazing!! Enjoy your day today too!

Erin said...

So jealous. I could really go for a massage right about now. Also, I've never been to IKEA. So you are my hero right now.