Saturday, May 22, 2010

May I {brag}?

Sometimes things so nice happen that a mom just has to share!
These sweet boys...sometimes I stretch them to the max being on the go, and sometimes they stretch me to the max with their boundless amount of energy! 
Friday was a crazy, busy day that was going to end with a houseful of friends and family. 
I knew the boys needed a nap, so I asked them to pick up their toys and head upstairs.  I told them I would be up in a few minutes to tuck them in for a nap...
...Thirty minutes and three phone calls later, I realized that it was strangely silent and I hadn't tucked the boys in yet.  I went up to their room to find all the toys picked up and neatly put away, both boys in bed, McClain completely cashed out and Carson laying quietly beside him.  (Carson really doesn't need a nap but McClain does. Our deal is that Carson must lay quietly in bed until McClain falls asleep, then he can get up.)  
They had followed every direction to a tee all by themselves!  Sweet boys!!!

Not to be left out...this sweetie girl has been working so hard to become a fluent reader. 
Thankfully, God provided us with a wonderful teacher this year who stayed on top of Cloe's progress and helped us give her the best reading tools.  Cloe has completed extra reading homework every single night (on top of the class' regular homework) for the entire school year.  Just in the last two weeks, she has taken off reading!  She loves it and she's good at it!  Seriously, an answer to prayer! 
Now instead of us asking her to read, she is asking to read to us--all of the time!  Yeah! 

I could not be a more thankful mom tonight!  
God has blessed me with three sweet beautiful blessings!
I love them so much!

**Can you tell we had a little pirate party here on Friday night?  Arrr Matey!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds like a day full of blessings at your house. God knows when we need those. :) Tell Cloe way to go with her reading. Ryan took off with his reading this year too, and it is so awesome. Now we just need to get Sam literate. :)

Sarah said...

what sweet kiddos you have!!

Unknown said...

So fun to read this. (As you know, I'm a bragging expert ha ha ha.) Are you like me - ever wonder why in the world we deserve such amazing children??? What we did to deserve such happiness????? And the reality check - WE did NOTHING! God is just that unbelievably wonderful! His creation and design for our families is only one iota of his splendor! Crazy thought. You've got a great family and should smooch them all even more tonight :-)

This Heavenly Life said...

What smart little ones you're raising! The naptime story has me staring off into space with dreams of the same thing happening in our house one day :)

une autre mère said...

Yay for Cloe's reading!!! I'm sure that must feel like a great achievement for all of you! And what sweet boys to just clean up and hop into bed. Aren't kids an awesome reminder of how much God has blessed us?!

peter marie said...

What sweet kids!! I'm sure teachers aren't supposed to have favorites, but after being in 4s and 5s yesterday, Carson and McClain are at the top of our list. They just crack us up!! And they listen, and they're cute, and the list goes on...

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

You do have some sweet kiddos on your hands :)!