Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

You didn't think I'd leave you hanging a whole week without a thrifty tip, did you?
Almost late...but here it is!

Thrifty Tip #24:  Buying grains in bulk can cost much less and also gives you the option of trying a variety of grains in smaller portions.

You  may have noticed that I was super excited to visit a certain market while in Chicago:
One very special thing about this market is the option to purchase grains, flours, and beans in bulk. 
Only a few of the grocery stores in our area at home offer bulk purchasing.  None of them have the great selection that Whole Foods Market provides. 

I love to buy grains in bulk because  most of the time it costs less than the prepackaged item.
*I say most of the time because it is important to keep a running "spreadsheet" of cost per ounce for items.
(I keep my spreadsheet in my, it doesn't hook up to a printer and if  I ever get Alzheimers, I'm  sunk!)

For instance, quinoa in bulk is $2.50 a pound.  The same item prepackaged is $3.99 for 8 ounces. 
Quite a large difference in cost! 

Another advantage of buying in bulk is the option to just buy enough for one meal. 
I often purchase just enough for one meal to see if my family is going to like the item or not. 
This week I picked up four new kinds of beans and three kinds of rice to try out when we get home. 
Each item cost me around 25 cents for enough to use in one recipe...not bad for a few taste testing meals!

So there you go!  Get brave!  Buy those crazy unknown grains and google a recipe for them!
Here's a great link from the Whole Foods website to give you some backgrounds and recipe ideas for whole grains.


Anonymous said...

I found a food blog that you may enjoy.
Thank you for all of the great recipes that you post.

Amanda said...

That is a great tip! Would you believe I have still yet to grace the doorway of a Whole Foods? As much as I love to feed my kids all natural,raw, and organic, I have never been there! Bad mommy!

I heard the aisles are really small and its hard to maneuver with small children. So, I keep thinking I will go when I dont have the kids. Ha! That never happens! I'm a SAHM! :)

Sorry for the rant.

Be blessed!