Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #28:  Check out some of these double-duty decorating ideas from Real Simple!  So clever!

Here are my favorites:
(ideas and photos are courtesy of Real Simple)

*Use earrings as push pins.
 (I am always forever holding on to that one cool earring that I've lost the mate...perfect solution!)
*Dress up your refrigerator door with old brooches.
(How cute are these?)

*Use cupcake foils as votives.
(Displayed on cute scrapbook paper too--how cute would that be!)

*Hang a skateboard as a shelf.
(Now I just need to find an inexpensive, roughed up one at a garage sale!)

*Cake stands make perfect platforms for candles.
(Boy, thank goodness I've started collecting these!)

*Use action figures for hooks.
(Thank you garage sale 50 cent box!)


Bea O'Problem said...

Hey pal. Are you watching Denmark v. Japan? You have to watch this game. Denmark has to win. Get your kids, neighbor kids or strays off the street to sit in front of your TV, radio, webcast... it doesn't matter and cheer for Denmark. Denmark has to win. Did you know that you are 50% Danish? Hard to think that fact could have escaped you. Come on... Denmark has to win.

Your brother

PS I have not lost your email address. I just need to comment on your blog so that family and friends can share in our warm, loving and oh so ever slightly sarcastic relationship.

~ Chef Louise said...

so cute, i love all these ideas...especially the skateboard. thanks for sharing

Amanda said...

You've started collecting cake stands?? Um, that settles it. When the house next door to you goes up for sale, I am moving in. :)

Carrie said...

LOVE these ideas! I especially like the action figure & skateboard ideas for when we move to our new house (hopefully this fall!). :)

Mandi said...

So, apparently I need to re-subscribe to Real Simple?! Wowza - loved those ideas! thanks for sharing!

Bea O'Problem said...

Hey dude,

"Top of the fourth extra inning..." or in America language, "top of the 13th..." I know you didn't letter with the Mighty Midgets, but still...

Just remember, I'm the only family member who cared enough to bring this to light in a public forum.

A caring family member

Erin said...

Cute ideas. Some of them might look a little out of place in my kid-free home. :)