Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For the first time...ever

We have a pet at our house.

If you know me, you already know that I'm not a pet lover.
In fact, I've never ever ever...never...had a my life.
I could probably count on one hand the times I've even touched a pet.
(Except if you count the fish I had in seventh grade which died immediately and my dad put down the garage!  I'm not scarred or anything)

 My sweet friend Caitlin needed somewhere for Krull for the week.
She about dropped over when I volunteered...I did, too!

But this sweet little girl is totally in love.
Yes, Cloe looks like she's hit heat exhaustion.
This picture was taken after we'd been locked out of our house for an hour.
Too much puppy excitement, absent minded mommy, and a 95 degree heat index...lovely!

So cute!
I'm glad for the experience this week...
No worries, though, we're still just the dogsitters!


Amber said...

I'e never been an inside animal person unless they stay in a cage/aquarium. But, that is a terribly sweet looking doggie! Best dogsitting wishes to you!

Sarah said...

I'm not a pet type either! And definitely not in the house - EVER! So it will be really ironic if we end up with a farm full of animals! oh well :) Hope you enjoy your dogsitting!

Kate said...

He's a cutie :-)

H-Mama said...

How fun {well, except for the getting locked outside the house part. yikes!} Look at those faces, Mom. They 'need' a puppy. ;) We love our 'furry person'. Hehee...