Friday, July 30, 2010

Poor Mac!

This was sweet little Mac on Sunday morning...after a good dose of benedryl and an ice pack.
He seemed to have gotten a pretty good bite from some sort of critter!
On Monday, his eye didn't seem to be getting much better--even with dose after dose of benedryl.
So off we headed to our favorite pediatrician.
He immediately pointed out and removed...a stinger!
Say what???  
Am I that blind of a mom?  
Does my child have that crazy of a pain tolerance?

So, now we are the humbled owners of an epi pen and a short supply of steroids.
Bees, wasps, and misquitos are things we want to avoid more now than ever!
Here's the quick progress that happened after getting a grip on the allergic reaction:
Mac has gotten a lot of comments on the "good shiner" he's sporting.

Uncle Cory taught him to say, "You should see the other guy!"

*Lessons learned:  
Swollen eyes are never good!  
It's always wise to get things checked out sooner than later!

Just when I get this mothering stuff all down...they'll be all grown up!


Amber said...

Oh.My.Stars! Poor little guy! You are SO right. By the time we get it all figured out they will be grown up with kiddos of their own!

AManda said...

Poor baby!!! I hate seeing my little ones with any type of injury... what a tough little man!

(and adorable at that... those eyes!!!!)


peter marie said...

Poor little guy! Glad the swelling went down fast...and hope it never happens again!

Mandi said...

Wowzers! Way to be strong Momma & Mac! I'm such a spaz about stuff like that!

Tracy said...

Poor little guy. That looked painful. Is your favorite pediatrician still Dr. C.??? Say 'hi' for us if it is!!!

Sarah said...

oh bless his heart! His eye is looking much better though! I will remember this lesson!