Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #32:  Try out these {thrifty} ideas for summer fun!

*Do yard work together.  Believe it or not, kids make great weed pullers with a little instruction!  Watering the garden and picking vegetables makes those veggies even tastier!

*Wash the car.  Get out the buckets and soapy sponges.  For best results, don't let the kids get a hold of the garden hose!

*Go on a bug safari.  Could you let me know when you do this one?  I'll need to send my kids over...they ain't gettin one here!

*Befriend a firefighter and police officer. This idea comes from a sweet new bloggy friend, Amber @ Three Meals & a Baby.  She and a group of church ladies recently baked goodies and delivered them to the local police station and fire department as a way of saying thank you!  We can't wait to do this as a family!  Here come some sugar cookies!

*Chalk Talk!  Get out the sidewalk chalk and create a masterpiece.  With as much as it's been raining around here, you'll have a clean slate everyday!

*Make some goopy goo.  Mix 1 cup water and some drops of food coloring.  Slowing pour in 2 cups of cornstarch.  Mix with a spoon or your hands.  Goopy fun!

*Go bowling...for free!  Check out this website for details:  kidsbowlfree.comWe did this as a family last summer and the kids had a blast!

*Visit your local parks and wading pools.  We were pleasantly surprised last week with a free lunch at the city splash park!  Then an church bus delivered free ice cream an hour later!  Yippee!

What's your favorite thrifty summer activity?
Please share!


Amber said...

These all sound like GREAT fun! Thanks for the tag! We like to take fun little picnics to our local park. Our little one gets a thrill out of eating somewhere other than home!

k8tlong said...

Make your own bubble wands. We did this Monday and the kids had a blast. Here is the website that we use
Also if you mix 1/4 c. cornstarch 1/4 c. water and food coloring you will have sidewalk chalk paint. So cool!!

peter marie said...

I'm absolutely loving our wading pool this summer!! That's been our most fun free thing to do.
Love all your ideas!

une autre mère said...

Fun ideas! We love all the local parks! I think I'm going to set up a challenge for us to see if we can visit every single park in our town (there's a lot of them!) before summers over.

Amanda said...

Awesome tips as always. You are the best!