Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation Recap: Day 1

Our FIRST train ride:  Chicago here we come!
Daydreaming about a special doll that would soon be in her hands!

 First stop:  The BEAN
Can you spot our little family?
Carson loved all the sirens and duplicated their noise quite well.

Making the four mile hike through downtown and along Michigan Avenue...I love this picture!

Here we come, Kit!
Fun photo opp with the newest American Girl!
McClain was a little overwhelmed with the pink...the dolls...the frills...the girls.
Cloe was pure excitement!

"How much did we just spend on a doll?"
(Cloe actually patiently saved up birthday money.)

 A little Pizza Deux for lunch.  We love Chicago style stuffed pizza!  
Our server really took a liking to our children.  She brought Cloe this huge chocolate chip cookie ice cream sundae as a "congratulations" on getting her new doll!  
Carson is reenacting getting his arm stuck in the chair.  We thought we were going to have to rip the chair apart for awhile!  Thank goodness, the server (who liked us) brought out some slippery lotion to help weasel his arm out!
The kids did so well walking back to the train and enduring all the photo opps I was trying to capture!
A special, memorable day for our favorite seven year old little girl!

Now on to Wisconsin...


Anonymous said...

I love this post! So much fun! Calli was telling me about Kit. Fun to see the pics! :) I saved up for Kirsten when I was a little girl. Such memories! -Jess

Mandi said...

Looks like a fun trip! Brad keeps mentioning a trip to Chicago on a train...wondering if this THIS is what he was talking about. ??
Awesome pics!

H-Mama said...

Oh, how fun! What lil' girl wouldn't want an American Girl memory. The fact that she saved her own money is very impressive! Looks like a great-fun trip!

peter marie said...

So fun!! What a sweet girl...has she played with it non-stop since she got it?!

Sarah said...

how fun! Looks like a perfect day :)

Amber said...

Just want to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I ran across you through the m2m blogroll. It's fantastic!