Saturday, August 21, 2010

Savoring Summer's last Seconds!

We took a little trip to downtown Des Moines

for a little picnic
and sculpture exploration.

We found our look-alikes

and conquered our fears.
picked our favorite old building
(where someone should open a cakes, cookies and coffee shop!)
just our little family...


peter marie said...

Fun! I love that sculpture garden. It will be especially fun to enjoy this fall!

Sarah said...

That looks awesome! What a fun family adventure. And I love that last picture - so creative!

une autre mère said...

What a fun time! I love that last picture of your family. You're all so bendy.

Amber said...

What a fun place and fun day! I too love the family shot! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I have some great pics from that sculpture garden from earlier this summer. Now, when we drive past it, Titus shouts, "Sculptures! Sculptures!" Thanks for sharing these pics. Fun and creative as always! I love the twins and the spider. :) Mostly, I just love your kiddos and their fun curiosity. (Carson and the baby belly! Ha! He was also the one . . . "Is there milk in that?" Too funny.) --Jess

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh... that bug sculpture this is freaky!!!!

Be blessed-