Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thrifty Thursday! {Guest Post}

Today's Thrifty Tip is completely courtesy of my awesomely brilliant friend, Elizabeth from One Girl Among Boys.  She brought these very thrifty deals to my attention.  
Thanks, Liz!  Your gift will be in the mail as soon as I can complete the offers below! 

Thrifty Tip # 37:  Check out VISTAPRINT for some awesome deals.  Follow THIS LINK for the deals!!!

We ordered and paid for these.  We needed some personalized cards with Troy's information on the inside.
AND since then, I have received over $180 of free products.  Yes, free.  No strings attached...FREE.  
A few times I have paid shipping, but they often have free shipping.  They send out e-mails almost daily with their new free specials....and I grab them up.  So far I have gotten (free):  a personalized mug, business cards (made Mommy cards that have my contact info on them...just for fun), a personalized tote bag, personalized pen, personalized "thank you" cards, personalized "thinking of you" cards, and more personalized stuff:  keychain, mouse pad, note pad, address labels....and my favorite: a LARGE great quality (think vinyl) banner for Seth's upcoming birthday party. 
Here's just a snapshot of some of the things I've gotten.  And on my list to get: free invitations.
Their products can be expensive.....but wait until you need to buy one thing (for a gift, for yourself, for an upcoming event, etc) and then take advantage of all the free stuff you can get.  FUN! FUN! FUN!!!!  But look out, it's addictive.

***So, what freebies will you be ordering?***


Nicole said...

If you work for Wells Fargo you can get an employee discount :)

une autre mère said...

Oh I love Vista Print! I got a ton of free business cards from them, but didn't realize all the other great freebies there were out there! Thanks for the info!

Amanda said...

Shut up!!! That is too cool. Awesome post... will be checking out all those links!