Monday, September 27, 2010

What's in a name?

Yes, this is my name.

Given to me by my mom and dad.

I know it's different.
I know it's unusual.
I know it's just so super stinkin' hard to get right.

And if you happen to be a junior high boy trying to be cool and want to say, "What up, LINDA?" as you geekily strut by at church, that's okay.  I'll still smile and say, "Yo-yo dude."

And if I've ordered food for my children and you call out, "LONDON, LONDON, YOUR FOOD IS UP, LONDON!"  I'll still come forward and claim that food for my hungry babies.

And if my husband is introducing me to a table of pastors and one of you chooses to gufaw and snort thinking he's made some sort of joke out of my name, it's okay.  It really is my name.  Please hold your laughter.

And if my mind takes me down memory lane and remembers the time I was 16 and won a cool award in 4-H (it was cool, quit laughing) and the emcee announces to the large crowd of peers, "The award goes to LEONA NELSEN!"  I'll still slink up to the stage and accept that award.

And if you're a missionary to inner city San Diego and calling me YOLANDA makes you feel more at home, go for it.

And if you're my brother and like to stretch out my name phonetically to LAWWWN, DUH.  I'll still try to kick you in the shin and get in trouble from dad.

...because it's my name.
You may not be able to get it right.
You may think it's acceptable to call me RHONDA just because it's close.

I'll still answer.
Whatever you want.
Because really, it's just my given name.


Yes?  Did you need something?


Anonymous said...

I love your name! it makes my mouth happy to say so i promise to always say it right! i remember before i knew who you were hearing people talk about a londa and i remember thinking i need to know who this is because i like to say her name!

peter marie said...

I love you name too, Londa Lue! :)

une autre mère said...

Oh, Londa! This post had me laughing out loud! Seriously. (And yes, I refuse to write the letters L*L) Really, I've always envied your cool name. When someone hears your name, it's obvious who they're talking about. When someone says, "Katie," half the room turns their heads. Cherish it. :)

H-Mama said...

Giiirrl, I can relate on so many levels. When in a restaurant, I usually give my hubs name b/c I know they won't goof it up. They never question me... you know, since his name is used for girls too. :) And giving the name "mommy" wouldn't work, right? :)

Mandi said...

LaFawndah...??? (napolean dynamite)

:) Cute cute cute!

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

Ha! Oh you had me laughing this afternoon - thanks, I always need a good laugh! I love your name, it's beautiful!

Bea O'Problem said...

Dearest Londa,

Talk about egg on my face. Seriously, for the last 33 years I've been convinced your name was Linda. I just thought you couldn't write the letter "i" or pronounce it, either.

Can you imagine my embarrassment when I will have to explain to my kids that crazy old aunt Linda was actually saying her name right? Do you know how many of my scrapbooks I will have to edit? This has really come at a very inconvenient time.

Of course, I will always have my good old stand-by nickname for you -- "Stinky".

Your most loving brother,


PS I don't think you tried to kick me because of your name. I'm pretty sure it was something else, but we won't get into that.

Sarah said...

I love this!
I've always loved my name too but the problem was EVERYONE AND THEIR SISTER had the same name - Sarah!

Joelle said...

I loved this blog, as I too am cursed/blessed. I've answered to Jolee, Joellen, Joelley, Jolene, Joel, Jurell (that was a 3 year old) and even Jello. Unfortunately, I also often answer when someone says, "oh, well". I draw the line though, and refuse to answer to Smelly Joelly

Joelle... it sounds just like it looks Jo-"L"

Anonymous said...

Help me Londa, help, help me Londa!! Wow, I just love that song....oh right, it's Rhonda. Well, at least I got your name right :) I seem to remember "La La", but that's just your OLDER sister and you know how the memory seems to be getting!! Love you! Joy (such an easy name!!)

Dana said...

This was great! Glad you can have fun with your name.
I like your name!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it. Love you, love your name, love your uniqueness, love your servant's heart, and the fact that, no matter what is going on in your life, you're always giving 100%, working busily with a big smile on your face, serving your family and reaching out to others. There's only one Londa, and I'm so glad she's my friend! --Jess

Amanda said...

I was JUST going to do a post titled "Whats in a name"... you beat me to it girl!

I love your name. I think its fantastic!