Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Frightful Night!

Four years ago, Beggar's Night started out perfectly: 
Cody walked with Cloe in the neighborhood costume parade.  

We played fun games and ate delicious food 
with our wonderful neighbors.  

I returned home with the baby boy pumpkins 
to hand out sugary candy to the cute costumed children. 
 Cody started his treck around the neighborhood with Cloe 
to get lots and lots of candy!  
She was very excited!

It seemed like the perfect Beggar's Night plan.
Then a calamity struck!
I stepped out the door to hand out some candy 
to a cute little ballerina, 
and the front door blew shut.  

It was locked.

I was on the outside.

My babies were on the inside.

I immediately began to pannick calmly assessed the situation.
I ran to the front window so I could see both boys.
The very kind mom and grandma of the ballerina asked for a description of Cody and took off to find him for me.

Thankfully he was very close.

Thankfully the mom and grandma conveyed the intensity of the situation clearly.

Cody rushed home to his freaking out wife his little boys.
Cloe was clearly saddened by the situation!

Cody worked a little magic on some unmentionable area of our home and managed to break in.

 The boys were completely unaffected by the situation.

In fact, they seemed to enjoy their brief moment of freedom.

My heart...although it suffered some minor damage, did start beating in a regular pattern again.
(after resuscitating it with a few pieces of chocolate)

Phew, what a night!


~ Chef Louise said...

Hi Londa,
That's a Halloween scare if I've ever heard one... Hope this year is filled with sugary treats and lots of fun.
Happy Halloween
~Chef Louise

une autre mère said...

Oh you poor mama! I'm so glad they weren't screaming, wanting their mommy! At least they had each other. I hope tonight went a little more smoothly for ya!