Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

 We've been busy having a lot of fun around here!
Friday was Cloe's Fall Party at school.  My parents stayed with the boys so I could help out with all the fun!
Cloe loves her 2nd grade teacher (on the left) and her art teacher (on the right).

Every year since we've been married, Cody has carved a pumpkin for us.  
He had some great help this year!
 They're all interested in getting the seeds out so we can roast them!
 I love how much brotherly affection there is between Carson and McClain.  
They've always just called each other "brother"instead of by name, but now they've started to say "Buddy" and "Best Friend".  
It's just too stinkin' sweet!  
They love their sister quite a bit, too!

Cloe's artist costume was finally completed when we found a black beret at a garage sale on Friday!  Woot!
 Ready to go!  I'll spare you the video of them "warming up" by running crazy circles in the yard! 
It was seriously the silliest I've ever seen them act!  Getting candy has strange effects on children!

Our sweet neighbor lady listened intently to the "original" Halloween jokes.

 Today, we broke out some new fall clothes!
Thankfully we all don't change sizes and require a new wardrobe every year!

***Phew, that was a lot of pictures!

I do have one last question / need for advice from all of you on a horrible experience we had this afternoon.

McClain was blowing away on a little plastic bat whistle that he got last night.  Suddenly, he started screaming and grabbing his mouth.  He was freaking out and yelling that he was being burned.  The only thing that would ease the pain was to literally stick his mouth under a cool stream of water in the kitchen sink. 
We assessed his mouth and didn't see any cuts, burns or blisters, so I called our pediatrician and left a message with his answering service.  
As we waited, McClain gradually got so he could take his mouth away from the water and just have a wet cloth on it.
In all, we think he had his mouth being "washed" for about 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes with a cool damp cloth.  (a lot of time that time was crying and screaming)
Our pediatrician advised us that he may have had an allergic reaction to the plastic in the whistle since it was directly on his mouth for several minutes.  Laytex allergies often come on with a burn feeling.  We gave him benadryl just in case.

It was seriously the scariest moment to see him grabbing at his mouth, writhing in pain, and screaming that it was burning.

Have any of you had any experiences like this with your children?
Do you know any children who have allergies to plastic?
What in the world is on that stinkin' bat whistle?
I saved it in case I find a recall or a place to test it.

I'll take any answers, advice, or just your two cents worth on the situation!


Amber said...

Looks like you all have been having lots of great fun! And, I dont have any help with the plastic allergy. But , I can only imagine all that was going through your mind trying to figure out what happened to your little one. Goodness, did his tongue ever swell or anything? Was it fine the next day? definately makes me more aware of things!!

une autre mère said...

Your kiddos costumes were great! I love the artist idea for Cloe. Very original!

And YIKES! Poor McClain! I wish I had some great advice or something for ya, but I've got nothin'. How scary for all of you! I'll pray that you get that all figured out. Did Carson or Cloe blow on one too with no problems? That is so strange.

peter marie said...

Cute, cute kids! Looks like fun!

Sorry about McClain...that sounds so scary. Hope you get it figured out!!

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

Wow, hope McClain is all better! The kiddos looked so cute!

H-Mama said...

I was totally prepared to tell you how adorably cute they were. Seriously. Now I'm totally sidetracked with poor McClain. I wish I had something for you... How incredibly scary! Your poor mama heart. Hope you guys figure it out so you don't have to relive that experience. Poor baby.

{and yes, the artist, the capes, the fall clothes... too cute! ;)

Sarah said...

Love all the new pictures... but my goodness, what a scary thing with McClain! SO glad he's ok! Wish I had some great advice to offer, but I have no idea! Hope you can find a place to test the whistle. (For what I don't know! Just to have answers!)