Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #43:  Home improvement projects can cost a lot of money!  Follow these three tips to save big bucks:  

1.  Buy "oops!" paint at home improvement stores for $1-$5 a gallon.  This includes paint colors that were mixed and didn't sell or those that were returned.  If you're a little flexible on the hue of the color and have patience to wait for the "right" gallon, this is a great option!   (I'm kicking myself for not buying the $4 gallon of chocolate brown I saw last week!  Augh!)

2.  Fabric remnants sell at greatly discounted prices and are perfect for pillows or small projects.  Check out this artsy lady's fabulous pillows here and here!  Love them!

3.  New hardware can revamp old cupboards or dressers!  I don't have pictures of this tip because it would mean having to sneak over to my neighbor's house at midnight to take a picture through the windows of her kitchen...but trust me, new silver hardware on her cupboards which were sprayed black...amazing!  I think it would make me a better cook...hmmm.

Thanks again to All You Magazine for some fine thrifty home improvement tips.  Now how about publishing a coupon for a free gallon of paint?

What's your best thrifty home improvement tip?  Do share!


peter marie said...

Save the half full gallons of paint you have to mix with other half full gallons of paint. So many times the color straight from the store is too pure...I always feel like it needs to be "dirty-ed" up a bit. (But that's just my weird opinion.) Plus, it's really fun to see what colors you come up with and they're super unique!

It's always fun to repaint picture frames for a cheap re-do too.

Love the links you put. Those pillows and flowers are FAB!

une autre mère said...

Great tips! I love All You too! Really, they have some serious coupons in there and great saving tips! But not as good as yours, bien sûr. ;) I love Thrifty Thursday!

Amanda said...

Hum... my best tip.. hum... I have no idea! :)

But I like yours!