Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

 Thrifty Tip #44:  (Although I'm completely out of the baby stage, I was reminded today of this tip while picking up supplies for a baby shower game.) Making homemade baby food is super easy, and it's much, much cheaper and packed full of nutrition!

A great website full of information, recipes, and instructions is Wholesome Baby Food.  When Cloe was a baby, it didn't seem overly crazy to buy her baby food in jars.  By the time we had the boys, baby food prices had gone up, our income had dropped, and we needed twice the baby more just because they were hungry boys!  My dad planted all sorts of extra vegetables in his garden, and I quickly learned how to steam, bake, and puree!  It was so surprisingly easy!  The boys loved every vegetable we could think of to feed them.  I bought quite a few packs of small ziplock containers and made large batches of pureed fruits and vegetables to keep in the freezer.  You could also use ice cube trays.
The rest of our family benefited from this venture, too!  I would pop pureed carrots into our spaghetti sauce, squash into our meatball mixture, pumpkin, apple, or banana into our pancakes and muffins.  I tried spinach in brownies once...that didn't work so well!  But everything else was a hit!
Even if you don't have babies, give it a try:  add fruits or veggies to your baking and cooking!  You'll  surprised how well it works, how much flavor it adds, and how much more nutritional value it adds to your food! 


Nicole said...

I use a food grinder for Emelyn. It grinds up whatever we are eating so she can eat it: fruits, veggies, and even meat.