Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #46:  Halloween costumes can be very expensive.  Get creative!  Make your own!  They'll be personalized and!  Think it's too late to start...think again!  Most of these costumes were pulled together the day of Beggar's Night! (not the wisest, least stressful way, but totally true!)

I know that as Christians, our views on celebrating Halloween fall in many various places. 

This post is not meant to be offensive if your family has chosen not to celebrate or acknowledge Halloween.  We have both skipped and celebrated the holiday.  We have watched movies on and studied the history of this holiday.

At this point, our family has chosen to participate in Beggar's Night for a very specific reason: 
our neighbors.   In a neighborhood full of busy families, Beggar's Night gives us an opportunity to be with our neighbors, to build relationships with them, and to some extent, show them the love of Christ.   

We are called to be light and salt in the world, and for our family, this is one excellent opportunity.  We talk about manners, being sharing, polite and grateful, as well.
We don't enter into Halloween blindly, though.  Our children are talked to about the very dark side of Halloween, and we discuss things that are not of God.  We emphasize to our children that we have an opportunity to be different from the dark, spooky things. 

So, come Saturday night, we'll be taking Mighty McClain, Captain Carson, and Artist Cloe to greet the neighbors and show some love!

Happy Halloween!


une autre mère said...

I love all those costumes! And your view on Beggar's night. We feel the same way.

I did do the homemade thing this year. At least for the wigs and accessories. Two of the costumes were hand-me-downs. But I "embellished" them a little. You'll have to wait and see! :)

peter marie said...

Thanks for this. You guys are such a great encouragement for us!

Julie said...

We've gone back and forth on the dressing up/trick or treating thing. I grew up strictly not celebrating Halloween. But my husband and I have taken the kids out the past few years to the nursing home that we do services at. The old folks there love the kids and love handing out the candy to them. Its fun and the kids have fun. I like making costumes too. Good ideas here on your blog. One year I made my son a giant present (cut a head hole and arm holes in a box and wrapped it then put a bow on his head) he got a lot of attention that year :o) Very cheap!

Sonjia said...

Very cool. I appreciated reading this post. Growing up in a non-Christian family, I don't know where to stand on the Halloween thing.

Sweet costumes. Carson told me the he's still going to be "Captain Carson" after Halloween has come and gone. I thought it was cute :)