Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today was a perfect day!

 We stopped for a quick picture by our favorite fall tree.
(It happens to be right by the interstate, so this was a really quick pic!)

Next we walked to Cloe's school to play at the brand new park that was just completed.
I love how close it is to the school, yet it's build just for preschool age children!

 My Twin Flyers were peaking out!

Cloe's very favorite thing to do at recess are the Monkey Bars!
She is freakishly strong!  
She went all the way across, and back, and hung in the middle for a picture.  
She should probably be my trainer.

Then we loaded up to walk back home.
Cloe wanted to push...which lasted for awhile. (like 20 feet)

This was my load for the rest of the way.
Two sitting + one standing = a very heavy load!

Just as we turned down our street, a beautiful storm quickly rolled in!
Perfect timing!


une autre mère said...

What a fun day at a cool park! I know what you mean about trying to push 3 kids - it's a workout... and mine are even smaller than yours!

peter marie said...

Looks like fun!
I've loved this sunny weather, but I really loved having a little storm yesterday too. It's been so long since it's rained!!

HMama @ Family Team said...

beautiful pictures, girl! your cloe IS a strong one. i would fail miserably if asked to travel across the monkey bars. ha.

when my kids cling to the grocery cart, it's a workout. silly lil' monkeys. at some point they will grow out of that, right? haha.

Amanda said...

Speaking as a fellow SAHM, I can definitely attest, that is indeed, the perfect day!!! Love the fun pictures!

God bless-