Thursday, November 11, 2010


In the past, Michaels Craft Store and I have had a love/hate relationship.

I'm not super crafty, and I'm usually not super thrilled about taking my children to stand alone specialty stores with narrow aisles and colorful tempting-to-touch merchandise.

Those things, coupled with the fact that I could invariably *never* use Michaels coupons with the items I needed to buy, made me mostly avoid the store.

However, today, I knew I needed to make the dreaded stop and buy a few special items I needed for cookie making that I couldn't seem to find anywhere else.

I'm going to have to tell you, Michaels just blew me away today!

Every employee was beyond friendly.

The big item I needed was *not* on sale and could be bought with a coupon.

And ***bonus*** there was a coupon available at the counter for 20% off my entire purchase!

Here are a few of my fun purchases...I didn't think you needed to see the blah cookie items and I can't show you the big item.  Christmas is coming and there are some very nosy people that read this blog. (ahem, Mother & Father!)

These fun Christmassy things were in dollar bins.  We have an event called Homes of Lights coming soon at Willow Creek.  These are going in gift bags for my ladies! 
(Sorry about the picture...just turn your head to the right!)
These fun things will also go in gift bags for Homes of Light!
The coupon even applied to 80% off Halloween items!  Cheap! Cheap!

OUR BEST PURCHASE:  Model Biplane Kits!
These were only $1 as well, so we paid $ .80!!!
 The concentration level was very high.
 Painting neatly took a very.long.time.  (Yeah!)
 How to make an apron look many:  go shirtless.

So what are you waiting for?
Head to Michaels and score yourselves some great deals!
(now through Saturday, click here for a coupon)

What will you buy?


peter marie said...

GOOD JOB Londa! It is tricky to find something that isn't on sale. Are you signed up for their emails? They email out special coupons all the time. It's great!
Those little planes and
plane-painters are adorable. Fun!!

H-Mama said...

Yay for $1 Michaels bins! Such cute finds, my friend.

une autre mère said...

Great finds! I'm with you on the coupon thing there... everything I want is always on sale! Which isn't a bad thing, but the coupon would be a better deal!

Those planes were a great pickup! And I do love their dollar bins too!

Kimberly said...

I would also encourage you to check out Hobby Lobby. Michaels is actually more expensive (in general) and Hobby Lobby has better sales, for example 50% off floral stems vs. 40% off at Michaels. Plus you can sing along to the hymns being played over the sound system while you wander through larger ailes. (I am biased since I used to work at Hobby Lobby, just wanted to add that little bit of disclaimer.)

Amanda said...

I would love to go!! Looks like you made some wonderful purchases... those planes are adorable!