Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet Shutterfly Sales

I've mentioned it before...I love Shutterfly!
We've ordered several picture books and love the professional way Shutterfly publishes and preserves our family memories into beautiful hardbound photo books. 
They have such a user friendly site!  The creative options really open up a huge world of design as you work to place your pictures and add text to narrate the story.

Now it's time to check out their holiday cards
Shutterfly has put their creativity on over-drive to provide hundreds of personalized templates for Christmas greetings.
The one that first caught my attention is "No Mistletoe Needed".  Depending on how our family pictures go on Saturday, I may have the perfect picture of two little boys kissing a toothless girl...hoping!  I love how this could be ordered as a folded card or just a flat picture card.  Plus, the more I order, the cheaper they get!
I love these photo cards.  The designs are so whimsical and fun!  Perfect for sharing pictures of cute kids!
Shutterfly also has them priced for as low as 30 cents!  Wow!
You can click on the link below and get an additional discount!

 The vintage NOEL card has that beautiful French flair that reminds me of the Christmas Cody and I spent traveling to be with my brother and his family in France.  The people on the train worked diligently with us teaching us to say several holiday phrases in French.  Joyeaux Noel!

Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Can't wait to order our Christmas cards...and I'll get 50 free for posting this!  Better go check out Shutterfly!  They're always full of awesome deals!


Amanda said...

What awesome deals.. and those pictures are just precious!!!


Nikkers said...

I can't wait to start playing with pictures for Christmas cards. Because of you, we will probably go through Shutterfly.

une autre mère said...

Those are very cute cards! Thanks for the heads up!