Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #48:  Check out woot! for amazing daily deals!  Kids.woot! and shirt.woot! are more of their fun sites! is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap.  It's one deal for one day, so you have to decide quickly and check back every day!

This is a surprise that came in the mail from Cody (via Woot!) last week:

A Breville Panini Press!
This Panini Press is $99 at Williams Sonoma but only $40 on Woot!

With Trader Joes opening just around the corner from us, we've found plenty of thrifty deals there, too.  Here are some of our favorite panini meals so far!
Pizza Pita Pockets (Mini Whole Wheat Pitas $1.49 for 14!)

 Slice pitas open in the middle.
Stuff with all your favorite pizza topping.
 Arrange in rows.  Don't worry if they are laying will happen!

Close the panini press., cheesy pizza pockets!

We also bought Trader Joes Artisan bread ($1.29) and enjoyed breakfast paninis!

What's your favorite kind of panini?


peter marie said...

I can't wait to try those mini pita bread things!

Our favorite panini is ham, a yummy cheese (like havarti!) and basil pesto. The pesto makes it taste so yummy and fresh. We've also panini-ed a tuna melt sandwich....SO good.
Have fun with your new "toy"!! :)

H-Mama said...

Those are so fun! My hubs loves woot, too. I'll have to check out the other fun woot links you posted. Wouldn't want to miss a deal. ;)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Yum! And can you believe, I've never heard of Woot?!? I'm off to visit... :)

une autre mère said...

I like any kind of panini... as long as there are no peppers, onions or mushrooms involved of course... ;)

I was so excited about Trader Joe's coming to town until I realized how far away it was from me. :( I'll have to make specia,l once-a-month trips and stock up! You're so lucky that you live so close to all the good stores!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on these pitas...yum!! We're making breakfast ones - with cheese, scrambled eggs and canadian bacon (small rounds), pizza ones, then we might try dessert ones - with cream cheese mixed with strawberry jam then dip in egg mix (like french toast) and cook in a skillet. Can't wait to try more ideas too!! Joy