Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heavenly Hot Cocoa

I love to browse through magazines for new recipes and ideas.  Thanks to my iPhone, I no longer spend time copying those recipes I want to try, I just snap a picture! 
This cocoa recipe looked so unique from other recipes I'd seen, I knew we had to try it!  The ingredients were a bit pricey, but for around $24, I have enough supplies for a double batch, roughly 60 servings.  Our family definitely doesn't need 60 servings of hot cocoa, so some gifts were in order!

Last spring, I found some "carrot shaped" baggies on clearance, so I snagged them with Christmas Cocoa in mind!

We combined all the ingredients in a large bowl and then measured out 1/3 c. into our bags.  To make them look more crisp and pretty, we slipped the bag into another bag and topped it with marshmallows.  A label for directions finished our little project.
We filled tin pails with the cocoa and attached a Christmas card (Thanks to Vistaprint for the free Christmas postcards which we had printed blank on the backside!).
Cloe wrote a little note on each card.  
Voila!  Our gifts were finished!


peter marie said...

Looks so yummy! And they are absolutely adorable too...what a great idea!

Meredith said...

absolutely adorable! i love the baggies, so unusual & fun!!

i do the same thing with my iPhone!! thanks Steve Jobs for another way to make my life easier!! :)

Sarah said...

fantastic... what neat & unique gift ideas!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I just saw a recipe in my Taste of Home magazine for hot chocolate using malt powder and wondered if it was good -- did you like it? We're giving hot chocolate mix as gifts this year too :)

Misti Ryal said...

That is almost the exact same recipe that I use! It is YUMMY!! Did you try some to see how much yummy goodness was being packaged up? I hope so!!! Next task on my list is to make a batch of Oreo Balls!

chemo said...

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Amanda said...

WHat perfect gifts!!! I LOVE cocoa, and that recipe looks like a keeper!

une autre mère said...

Great idea! I wish I was one of their teachers. :)

Jill said...

really cute idea!