Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #50:  With the news reporting that food prices could spike more than 20% in next year,   you'll want to check out these ways to save on your grocery budget:

*Use coupons.  Coupons are like free money!  Don't be afraid to check out mobile coupons that load right up on your phone.  The average person that uses coupons saves around $500 a year!

*Buy generic store brands.  70% of people who try the store brand become loyalists to the store brand.  We love Target's Market Pantry at our house!

*Loyalty Cards have store savings automatically loaded on them--many times personalized savings are added as well or mailed to you.  Unfortunately, I do not know of any stores in the Des Moines area that offer loyalty cards.  Do you?

*Shop your pantry first.  Don't go to the store without making a list first.  Check what you have at home and use it.  Only buy what you need.

*Beware of impulse shopping.  Americans buy 2/3 of all purchases based on impulse.  (Isn't that crazy!)

*Avoid samples.  (Can't believe I'm using this one!)  Research shows trying samples gets your mouth salivating and increases your desire to purchase more things in general at the grocery store.

Just let these cheerful Sample Givers treat your children!

What tips do you have for saving $$$ on groceries?

*These tips are courtesy of the Today Show.  Thanks Ann Curry and Jean Chatzky!


une autre mère said...

An increase of 20%?! That's awful! Let's hope we don't see it soar that high around here. Great tips! We had store loyalty cards to a few different stores in Michigan, but I think Iowa has yet to jump on that bandwagon. :(

peter marie said...

Wow. That's crazy! 20%?!

H-Mama said...

I only wish I could find more coupons for the food we actually eat. I should contact the companies and request them, yes? ;) 20%... Ouch!