Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #54:  Taking care of your clothing will help them last much longer...which will in turn save money!

Here are some handy tips to help make the most of your clothing:

*Invest in drying racks!  We hang everything to dry (except bedding, towels, socks, and underthings).  This helps clothing keep it's original shape without shrinking and also keeps colors bright.

 (This is just a sample...the racks hold tons of clothing!)
*Don't let clothes set sopping wet in the washing machine.  This fades the clothing quickly!   

*For the most part, jeans and sweaters can be worn more than one time without being washed.  This is somewhat tricky with children--there's a lot of inspecting going on before I make the call.  Undershirts are a great way to save sweaters from harmful deodorants or perspiration.

*Keeping clothing neatly put away or hung up will ensure that the clothing stays looking nice, neat, and moderately wrinkle free! 
Check out this great demonstration from one of our favorite college friends on a simple way to fold shirts.  (Sorry about the crazy flip video at the end...bad camera girl!)
Thanks, Josh!  I'm sure Mickie appreciates all the laundry being folded so quickly and precisely!

What are your best laundry or clothing saving tips?


Mickie said...

If only he would fold all the clothes!!! I use drying racks as well! I hardly dry anything!

Amber said...

These are fabulous ideas. I never hang dry anything! But I just might start!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips...i rarely hang things dry but i think i may need to do that more...saves money on clothes fading faster and not using the dryer! thanks!

Amanda said...

Oh gosh... these are really good tips! I dont have any of my own. :(

But I like yours a lot!


une autre mère said...

Great tips! I wish I had some to add, but... I'm at a loss. It was fun seeing Josh fold that shirt. Mickie's a lucky lady! ;)