Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching up!

We are home!
And I am dog tired!

But my heart is full.  Really full.

I'm not even sure how to put into words all the things we experienced, learned, and heard at The Lift: Worship Collective.

Things Experienced:  a relaxing road trip down...
The American Gothic House
 The Arch!
Delicious Food...
 Five Guys Burgers and Fries
delicious sushi 
Chilean food
 Rice Krispie Treats dipped in Milk Chocolate 

Lift:  Worship Collective
live new music--participating in a recording, 
 Georgia gardens and sunshine.
 Lots of time together!

Things Learned:  I will never be a song writer...I'm okay with that!  As we sat in a breakout session listening to Matt Redman speak on how he writes his songs, I realized I have no gifts in this area.  My mind wandered to how I could possibly make a sugar cookie and decorate it with their Passion logo.  Man, I think I'm a crazed baking addict!

Here are some things that Matt Redman shared that really resonated and stuck with me:

There's a lot of really good music out there.
The distinctive about worship is that it's
The People of God
In the Presence of God
Pouring Out the Praises of God.

There's never a time when you'll pour your heart out in worship and think later, "I sure gave a lot more than I got out of that.  Worship is an encounter with a Holy God."

As I think about all the tasks and projects I do in life, none of them is what I want to be known for

My anthem should be HIS praise...His GLORY should be my ONE desire.

As Chris Tomlin's new song puts it: We are here for YOU.

Matt Redman also gave an illustration of his children leaping out from hiding and jumping on his back.  He said rather than being annoyed with the surprise or jumping out of the way of the leaper, he took it as a complement.  His children know their dad and trust him to catch and carry them. 
The same is true of our God.  If we realized how big, able, powerful and in control God is always--that He's mighty to save and has a great big heart of love for us, we'd take the big leaps of faith because we'd fully trust Him.

There was so much more...

Things heard:  powerful new lyrics...just buy Matt Redman's new CD coming out in June.  You'll thank me! (and maybe even hear me...well, probably not!)


Mandi said...

Wow, looks like a fantastic trip! So glad you could go and hope you were feeling well. The food looks amazing... Sushi has been my hankering this whole 28 weeks! Great thoughts and great reminders today, Thanks!

H-Mama said...

How fun! Love the pic of you two! ;)

"My mind wandered to how I could possibly make a sugar cookie and decorate it with their Passion logo." *giggle*

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

I should never.ever. under any circumstances come to your blog when I am hungry.......my LANDS, lady ;)
Looks like you had a great time!

But I'm curious....were you in St. Louis, Iowa or Georgia?!?

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Looks like a great time! We love Matt Redman -- can't wait to hear his new CD -- we'll be listening for you ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your fun, thought-provoking posts. While you were out getting recharged, I was recharging my kitchen. You'd be proud. It's never been cleaner. Think I'll bake some cookies. :) Glad your trip went well! Jess

Nicole said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Rachelle said...

Ummm.. Five Guy's! Love that place!