Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Here's a thrifty tip on the fly...we're in the car driving to Atlanta, Georgia today!

Thrifty Tip #58: Walgreens is having an unbelievable sale on diapers this week, but here's the catch: you'll need to find the baby coupon booklet.

Walgreens store brand diapers are on sale buy one package at $6.99, get one free. The baby coupon booklet has a $2 off coupon which they will redeem for each package of diapers. Total cost for 2 packages of diapers: $3! Wow!!!

Unfortunately, the Walgreens stores by our house are party poopers and don't have the booklets. BUT I happen to have the NICEST friend in the world who not only tipped me off on the sale but went back to her and scored me the diaper lottery! So nice to have a head start for this baby! You'll get to hear more about this fantastic friend next week...stay tuned!

My mom was also able to score me a few packs on her way down to stay with our kids. Super!

Hopefully you can get in on this deal if your house is in diaper wearing mode!
Good luck!


peter marie said...

Woah!! And I just walked the kids over to Walgreen's this I might need to get back.
Excited to hear more about this mysterious sale-finding friend of yours!!:)

Nicole said...

Cool! I just got one of those baby coupon books in the mail yesterday.

Amy said...

ever thought about cloth diapering?? we LOVE it! :) didn't do it with #1, but did with #2 and now #3. saves money and is WAY nicer for the environment!

Amanda said...

Awesome tips!! That is one fantastic deal!