Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stellar Savings on Saturday

I don't normally share details about my grocery trips,
and I definitely don't normally take a picture of my groceries
but this was really too good to not share!

If you live in an area with a Hy-Vee, you may want to cash in before this sale ends!
(the ad goes through Monday)

Here we go...

I know...Holy Cereal, Batman!

Here's how this all went down:

Our children decided that they all were going to have growth spurts this week and go through four boxes of cereal.  (They devoured plain bran flakes like they were candy...crazy!)

Simultaneously, Hy-Vee has all their Kellogg's products 50% off this week.

And Kellogg's website has great coupons!

And several of the boxes of cereal have $1.00 of produce coupons attached.

And one kind has a $1.00 off milk coupon attached.

SO, we bought...

20 boxes of various Kellogg's cereal
9 boxes of Kellogg's breakfast bars
4 pounds of strawberries (on sale for $1.68 lb)
5 pounds Tangerines
4 pounds Oranges (on sale for $1.99)
5 Cakes Mixes ($.89)
1 Gallon of Milk & 3 pounds of sausage (not pictured)

Grand total for 45 items:  $56.44


I'm totally not posting this to gloat, but to encourage you to always be looking for great deals--especially if you have growing children and are on a tight budget!  God provides blessings even in the cereal aisle!


Amber said...

NO stinkin' way! Wow! That is an incredibly large amount of groceries for fifty bucks! WAY TO GO!

Julie said...

Way to go! Andy's Dad works for Kelloggs so good work outta you! Supporting the Kistenmacher Fam! That 50% off is amazing.

H-Mama said...

that's my kind of savings! worth a blog post, indeed. ;)