Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #60:  When making new recipes that call for unique ingredients, consider a visit to the bulk bins at your local grocery store to buy just the amount needed and save the expense of buying an entire package.

I've often strayed away from recipes that called for special grains, unique seeds or nuts, and select dried fruits because I didn't want to incur the high expense of an entire container just to use it for one recipe.

Last week, I had a light-bulb moment in the Natural Foods Section of our local grocery store.  I could just buy approximately 1/4 cup of pepitas at a fraction of the price that a package would cost!  The figs I'd been wanting to buy...I just bought 5 of them!  Seriously, I was a measuring, smiling, crazy woman in that aisle of the grocery store!  As I ran through recipes on my phone for the items I needed, I was able to fill bags of ingredients for well under $1 each!

This may seem silly to you, but there's nothing worse than dropping $5 for a package of a grain that you realize later you don't really prefer or won't ever use again.  I also feel like dropping the $5 to $7 for a single grocery item really limits the variety of items I can purchase on our grocery budget.  Just getting enough for a "taste test" allows us to decide if it's worth dropping the cash for it next time.

What's your favorite thing to purchase from the bulk bins at the grocery store?

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Mandi said...

Where do you shop that has bulk bins? I always think about it...but never do it. And yes, waste $ and materials that either go bad or my family won't eat again. grrr.
I love your thrifty posts!

manda said...

Totally genius idea! I have never even thought about the bulk bins....great tip!!!

Anonymous said...

HyVee has them, and that's an awesome idea. I perused the bins to find fun dried fruit options for Titus to try, and I've tried a couple of different grains, but hadn't taken a recipe yet. Going to do that next.

Christa Pearson said...

My favorite bulk item is spices! At the co-op in Decorah where I used to shop, I would have them weigh my spice jars and them I would fill the spices right in the jars! I once filled a whole gallon ziplock bag full of spice jars for $6! I was set for a year, I think. Great idea with the nuts, Londa. I never think to do that.

Anonymous said...

I shop at Sun Harvest in McAllen, Texas for dried fruit. Great. Cherries are very good.

Kate said...

Ju jubes are my favourite things to buy from the bulk bins! (blush!)