Monday, March 28, 2011

An unplanned hiatus...

Eleven days ago...
I was headed out the door with all the kids to see if the doctor could give me something to kick the sickness that had been kicking my tail all week.
Cody called and could barely speak.  He finally got out the name of a college student from our church followed by the horrific word "dead".  Anna had been in a car accident while heading back to college that morning.
We quickly changed plans, packed bags of toys and snacks, and headed to the church.
Her aunt is our church secretary.  We went to answer phones and help out anyway we could.
The next several days seemed to be filled with a blur of emotions and activities (including a trip to the doctor and lots of medicines!).
Our church family blew us away with their love and support for Anna's family.  Beautiful flowers filled our church and hundreds (if not even a thousand) of friends filed through to share their condolences with the family.
As much as we cried and mourned with her mom and dad, brother and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandma and grandpa, we also rejoiced knowing that Anna was complete and whole, rejoicing and worshiping in her Savior's presence.  Anna had placed her faith in Jesus Christ and accepted His gift of salvation as a young girl.  We mourned, absolutely, but with hope!  This was no mistake--it truly was part of God's plan.  Even this tragedy was for God's glory!
This glory is already unfolding as we see college students, friends and family members seeking to know more about Jesus Christ! 
Part of the glory displayed was also through our church family--every phone call we made or received was a willing, loving volunteer seeking a way to help.  Over 65 people prepared and brought food for the funeral lunch, helped in the kitchen or watched our children.  It was amazing to watch it all unfold--and to see God provide and meet every need.  Anna's life and death brought glory to God!

The rest of last week, the boys and I packed up everyday and headed off to church to play secretary.  I say play because deep down, I've got a serious love for office work.  Give me a phone, a computer, and some projects, and I'll be set!  The boys loved getting to explore the church all day, too!

Working during the day and having activities  every single night last week (including Kindergarten Round-up complete with taking cover for a tornado!) brought on some serious exhaustion.  By Wednesday evening, I was so tired and really running low.  I was racing up to my classroom to teach Bible study but knew I must stop in the restroom (I blame the little mister growing in me!).  The women's restroom was occupied, so I made a hasty decision to dart into the men's restroom.  I flew the door open and found myself seeing...a man.  Augh!!!  I quickly started apologizing and backing out, to which he hollered, "I've got pants on!"  I wasn't sure how to reply.  Congratulations?  He later told me my face turned a deep shade of purple in an instant.  Lesson learned...women's restroom only!
Speaking of restrooms...Cody and I meet with a couple at a coffee shop every week for a Bible Study, and Carson really needed to use the restroom during our study.  I rushed him back to the restrooms to find them both occupied.  We waited and waited and waited.  Finally, a boy came out of the women's restroom. (obviously he hasn't learned his lesson yet)  Carson rushed in and before I could cover the seat or stop him, he hopped up on the seat--boisterously hollering out, "Mmmm...nice and warm!"

So...that's been our rollercoaster!  I'm grateful for God's sustaining grace and mercy!


H-Mama said...

oh, my mama heart. a roller coaster, indeed. (((hugehugs))) yes, thankful for grace and mercy.

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Wow. This is so much... so much for any one to handle in a week.

This post made me tear up AND laugh hystericaly.

Hoping this weeks brings much more rest.

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Londa! You have served and loved and mothered with grace, relying on His strength, and He has proven Himself faithful once again, glorifying Himself through you! You are an amazing woman, an amazing friend! --Jess
P.S. Pulled that soup out of freezer this week. Better second time around. And the carrot cake that I made last night had me wishing you were joining us this time, instead of choking down those icky lemon bars last time. (Ditched that recipe.) Oh well. We so enjoy spending time with you guys and your sweet kiddos!

Sarah said...

I have been wondering where you were! So sorry for your loss, but thankful to hear how the Lord is working. Your faith is inspiring! Glad you're back. :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

So sorry to hear about your loss, but praising the Lord that she was a believer -- we do not grieve as those without hope, right? Praying for you and for that sweet girl's family!