Thursday, April 28, 2011

Late Night Lollygagging with Londa

I really need sleep, but Carson gets more pain medicine in 30 I'll wait.

This week has been CrAzY!
Nothing terrible, just a lot of things!

Thankfully, we started out the week with a day off of school for Cloe.
Everyone slept in--Carson won!  He didn't make an appearance until 10:00!  Every Easter Sunday should be followed by a day off!

Tuesday, we started off the morning bright and early at 5:15!
Cody has had a hernia for several years, but it seemed to escalate during the winter.  He was thrilled to have this little surgery. {sarcasm}

At the surgery center, we ran into a family that we know.  The husband was asking Cloe what her daddy was having surgery for.  Cloe replied, "I don't know but it's something with his (in a whisper and pointing down) p.r.iv.a.t.e.s."  Later, I did some quick explaining about muscles and know, before she went to school and told her friends about her morning!  Thankfully she lost a tooth at school, so she was completely distracted!
I really did (and still do) feel badly for how painful this has been for Cody!  He was completely immobile on the couch for two days.  I slept on the floor beside him in case he needed anything.  Thankfully he's slowing feeling better!

Tuesday evening, my parents came into town with my brother.  He's back in the states for a few meetings.  They spent the night before his flight took off the next morning. 
I think our kids especially enjoyed time horsing around with Uncle Mark!

Wednesday night at church, I had one of those, "Phew, maybe I'm not so old and out of style" moments!
This is my friend, Julie.  She was in our youth group way back when, and now we're both expecting babies together.  AND we were wearing the same cardigan!  Julie is always oober cute and stylish...matching her just sort of made my night!  (It's the little things, you know!)

While being laid up on the couch Wednesday afternoon, Cody had posted our Jeep for sale on Craigslist.  Calls, texts, and emails came flooding in!  The kids and I rushed home Wednesday night for someone to come over and look at it.  Guess what!  It SOLD!  So now, we officially need to find that BIG car with enough room for this coming baby boy!  

Thursday, we were back up bright and early again!  This time, it was Carson's turn to head to the surgery center to get his tonsils and adenoids out.  I just planned on taking Carson so Cody could rest a little more and stay with the other two.  However, McClain could not handle letting Carson go, so he tagged along.
They were so stinkin' cute together!  McClain kept holding Carson's hand patting his shoulder.  Carson told the nurse he was "Crazy Scared."  That made this overly-tired, emotional mama fight tears.
Thankfully, Carson quickly earned the affection of the whole staff at the surgery center.  (I think it was because he was the only little person there with a bunch of geriatric patients!)
The anesthesiologist really took a liking to Carson and gave him the royal treatment walking back to surgery.  Again, we're so thankful, everything went very well!
He wasn't thrilled to wake up, but once he realized his diet would consist of jello, pudding, popsicles, ice cream, Gatorade, and yogurt, life was good again!  He's such a little trooper!  Even all medicated, he just sat so wide awake.  Of course, his sleepy brother enjoyed a nice long nap this afternoon!

And lastly...this is me and my quickly disappearing feet.  Probably like my readers...disappearing quickly at the length and tediousness of reading this post.
BUT, guess what, time has passed.  It's time for little boy's medicine and time for bed. 

I know many of you have had crazy weeks, too!  Hoping next week is CALM!


Mr. Capoeira Sydney said...

What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh man - you guys seriously have a busy life. Wow. I love your belly. Is that weird? I think you do pregnancy very, very well. :)

une autre mère said...

Wowzers, Londa! I didn't realize you had so much going on this week! Love that pic of Cody - cracked. me. up. (maybe don't tell him that...) Hernias sound awful. Hope he's doing better! And poor little Carson - that had to be "crazy scary" for such a little guy! Hope he recovers well too. And you're seriously having a garage sale on top of all this craziness?!?

Oh, and fyi - you always dress fashionably! I'm sure Julie was relieved that YOU were wearing the same cardigan as her! :) You guys look so cute together!

Mandi said...

I will never complain about my busy-ness again! :) lol.
So glad you guys got through it all and PTL about the jeep! :)
Btw, you always look adorable...what are you talking about?!

Julie said...

Wow what a week! I can empathize a little with Cody, I had hernia surgery a few weeks ago (though mine was above my bellybutton) that first few days is rough.

peter marie said...

That is certainly a crazy week! Glad everyone is recovering well.
Hope you guys have some extra time to relax this weekend!

Sarah said...

oh my goodness! What a crazy week! hope everyone's back to normal & feeling great SOON! Oh and I LOVE the preggo pic... you are so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the recap. Thanks again for the yard sale goodies. :) Glad your boys are on the mend and you are hanging in there after a crazy week! Favorite pic: Carson's hospital gown gaping. :) Too. Stinkin. Cute.

Kate said...

Wow! That WAS a crazy week! Hope your men are feeling better this weekend. Love that you slept on the floor next to Cody... what a loving wife you are :-)

Jenn said...

Wow, what a busy week. I am glad you survived! And a garage sale too? You really are super momma! And you look beautiful with your baby bump. Hope next week is slow and peaceful for you.

dugroz said...
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Debbi said...

I had no idea you had such a full week when I saw you Friday! You must be some sort of super hero woman! I hope everyone is feeling so much better this week & that you get a little rest.

(btw- The deleted comment above was me. I was logging in as Doug by accident!)