Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Thrifty Forum

So, it's Thrifty Thursday.
It's also the beginning of garage sale season!
Should be a very good thing, correct?
Bargains, treasures, free boxes:  what could be wrong here?

Well, I'm in need of your wisdom this week.  I'd love to have you share any opinions and advice on the following issues:

*Gas is currently quite expensive.  Is it worth the cost of driving around to find the good sales?  What limits will you set on how far you drive?  How will you choose what garage sales to visit?

*The news stations have been reporting that bedbugs are becoming quite the problem.  They warned people against buying things at garage sales because it could transfer bedbugs into your home.  Will this stop you from going to garage sales?  Will you take any precautions?

Thanks in advance for responding!  I'll try to repost some of your comments for everyone to see!


une autre mère said...

Great questions! Here's what I have to say...

*Since I live in "garage sale heaven," I limit myself to staying in my suburb. Unless I'm out running errands in another part of town anyways, then I allow myself to take a few detours to get the good sales! :)

*And yes, the bedbug scare is really creeping me out. I definitely won't be buying any bedding (especially big comforters,pillows, and blankets). As for clothing, I'll only buy stuff that I can put in a hot dryer without ruining it - they say to put everything you buy (even new items because they may have been tried on by a bedbug carrier) in the dryer on high before wearing it. And I'm thinking about keeping a plastic bag that ties tight (maybe even one of those ginormous ziplock ones?) in the back of my car to stick the clothes in so I don't risk getting bugs in my car, and then immediately dumping it all directly into the dryer. Is this crazy?

Can't wait to hear everyone else's replies!

peter marie said...

This garage sale season I'm in a major mood to stick with mainly vintage stuff, which really limits the amount of sales to go to and generally means it will be in our neighborhood. And maybe a bigger chance of bed bugs??!! :)
If I have errands to run in the "burbs" I'll see if there are any that will be on the way. And a big NO to driving around randomly and following signs without researching first. 9 times out of 10 that is a waste of time (and money!)

I was able to do pretty well getting the kids clothes for next year at end of season clearance so I don't really need much for them anyways. Wa Hoo!

I am really excited for the first few sales, but am not feeling crazy obsessed about it like I usually am. This could be a very, very good thing. Well, except I always get a little crazy obsessed over your garage sale. :)

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on garage sales are as follows:

Hurry up and beat everyone else to Londa's, so that Titus can be clothed for another year.

The end.


Amy@My Front Porch said...

I would say...NO to driving around aimlessly searching for garage sales. But I always try to research and only go to the ones I think will be worthwile and plan the best route to get there (just got an app on my new phone that is going to help me a ton with that!) And like Katie, I live in garage sale heaven, so it's really not hard to get to some good sales without a whole lot of gas. I usually never even search for sales outside of my neighborhood.

The bed bug thing however... definitely creeps me out. No bedding for sure, and I like Katie's suggestion of the plastic bags and the hot dryer.

Alisa said...

Neighborhood sales is going to have to be where it's at with these gas prices! I can't give on g-salin, but I also don't want to blow money in the name of g-salin.

Julie said...

City wide garage sales are a way to hit a lot of them without having to drive around a lot.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I like when big neighborhoods have them all together, then you can just park and walk. But I'm a fair-weather garage saler...and I can't go alone or I'll buy stuff just because I feel bad walking away from their junk without buying something :)