Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Weekend Recap!

Our Easter Weekend was packed full of fun and special times!

Friday afternoon, we picked up Cloe from school and headed to church to get ready for the Good Friday Service.  It was a really beautiful, yet somber candlelit service.  Because we were doing quite a few songs, the kids sat with a couple of our college girls.  Thankfully, they did a great job staying focused.  It's amazing how much they really do understand about the death of Jesus Christ as a substitution for the penalty of our sins.  
Saturday, we headed back to church for the Easter Extravaganza.  The kids all gathered to hear a great Easter story before running out to snatch up lots of eggs.  Here's a link to video that was shown--it's totally worth watching!

 It was a little chilly and super windy, so we had to layer up!
No spring clothes yet!
 I think Carson was saying, "Ah man, all the eggs are gone already!"
 McClain just tooled it up out there and hoarded a few more than his share of eggs.
It was a good lesson in generosity to look for kids who needed more eggs!
 Some super nice people helped with a lot of fun and games in the gym!
(Here's one of the nicest couples at church helping out!)

Then...we ran home, quickly pulled our house together and hosted a birthday party for one special 8 year old and seven of her little friends...details to come in another post!  

We just recently started having two services, so Cody and I were off to church by 6:45 am for practice.
Grandma and Grandpa helped get the kids all gussied up and brought them later.
After two awesome celebration services, we snapped a few quick pictures.

I know I'm totally biased...but I can't get enough of the cuteness and sweetness...
 Cloe and her new puppy
 Cloe and McClain
 Cloe and Carson

 All three kids!
 So many options on how to wear the hat!

 Should have savored the moment of Carson sitting still before the Easter candy appeared!

 Our Whole Family!

 We finished off the day with one more little Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard.

It was a completely exhausting but wonderful weekend!
Hope you were able to truly celebrate JESUS!


Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh my goodness!! You are not just biased - the cuteness factor is off the charts for sure. :) Love all the pictures... but really loving the family picture!!

peter marie said...

It was a great weekend!

You've got such a beautiful little girl and those boys are so handsome. Love their sweet outfits!

Thanks for working so hard this weekend to help make the services go so smoothly and glorify Christ. Everything was awesome!!

Alisa said...

You look adorable, Londa!

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

What a GREAT weekend for sure you did have! LOVE the pictures of the kids and the family pic. I can't believe I only took a handful of pics. UGH! I have to actually put the kids back in their Easter clothes sometime and take pics! Maybe it will be warmer then!

H-Mama said...

what a fun-busy weekend. i took a big gulp for you when you mentioned 2 services. we did the same when our girlies were mere babies. i remember bringing them to the first service with bed-head and pjs. glamorous, indeed. ;) i'm lovin' that your boys wear hats. too cute! cloe is simply adorable in her beautiful easter dress {hope she had a wonderful bday!}... and the whole family pic is priceless. you look great, londa!

une autre mère said...

Those pictures of your kids are so adorable! I'm so glad you posted them because I never got a chance to see them yesterday! Cloe is so beautiful and her brothers look so dapper in their suits and hats! :)

Sarah said...

I love love love it! Especially the family picture! You look beautiful! Happy Easter!!