Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby Baby Baby

Today we to the hospital to visit friends who had a precious baby boy yesterday.  I think I had forgotten the amount of sweetness that just exudes out of a brand new baby.  Whew!  Too cute!

(I also had flashbacks of the labor pains...oh, so not ready for that yet!)

It's beginning to really sink in for the boys just exactly what's going to be joining our family in just eight weeks:  A BABY!  A teeny, tiny sweet little baby!

As we got off the elevator, McClain grabbed my hand and said, "You better use your purse to hide our baby."  
I asked him why. 
"They might want to take the baby out of you, and dad's not here!"

Carson just wanted to know how they were going to get the baby out...anyone want to volunteer to explain that to him? 

(I prefer stork language, okay?)


H-Mama said...

mcclain... so sweet! a newborn can give baby fever faster than anything. oh. so. sweet. they grow so quickly that it's easy to forget just how little they once were. and where they come from? yeah... we're past the stork language over here. oi. ;)

Julie said...

I got asked how the baby was going to come out of me alot by my kids with my last pregnancy. I didnt really answer and my oldest decided it would come out the neck of my shirt :o)

peter marie said...

That is so sweet! And hilarious!
Julie's response made me laugh too.

Yeah, I'd stick to the stork language too. :)

une autre mère said...

That McClain is so funny! And he's right, ya know - your tummy is small enough to hide behind a purse! Lucky you... I don't think my tummy could've hidden behind a truck. ;)

My kids think my babies "popped out." Not sure how they thought that exactly happened or where the baby "popped out" of, but it worked and after the baby was born, they loved telling others that the baby finally "popped out" of mommy's tummy! ;)

Jamie said...

Too cute! So sweet that he wanted you to hide your tummy.

Stork language made me smile :)

Sarah said...

bless those sweet little boys!! Oh and mine were c-sections... so we just explained that the doctor would cut open mommy's tummy & take the babies out! A wee bit simpler than explaining natural birth :)

Jenn said...

Can't wait to meet your cute baby boy. I think last summer Carson every chance he got asked me how my baby would come out. For your piece of mind, I just dodged the question, or said ask your parents about that :o)

Anonymous said...

Well, Londa, if he asks me, I'll be sure to launch into a long, detailed explanation of natural birth. Kidding. McClain--AWESOME. So did you? (hide your belly with your purse)? Can't wait to see your kiddos doting on that tiny boy. My appointment went great today. 11 wks and counting. I got to see facial features, tiny fingers, hands, arms, lots of wiggling, and a strong heartbeat. Such a miracle. Praising Him!!! --Jess