Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrifty...gone wrong!

Last week, I was attempting my hand at a little EXTREME COUPONING.
(You may have already heard this story...I always sometimes have a problem with repeating myself.)

Cody was out of town, so I took a whole evening to scour blogs, print coupons, make lists, and prepare my strategy for a major couponing trip to Target.

MY MISSION:  1/2 price groceries.
MY TACTIC:  a long detailed list and an envelope FULL of coupons.

It took literally FOR.EV.ER to match up all my coupons and stacked coupons with the correct items.
Like two hours of my life I'll never get back. 
I may have been having a horrid hot flash by the time we hit the checkout.

The boys had been more than super amazing and well-behaved.

We were in the home stretch.

Friendly cashier...check!

Everything ringing up correctly...check!

Coupon scanning...commence!

Suddenly the anticipated great release of joy like balloons and confetti falling that comes after a successful couponing trip was interrupted about three coupons in (out of like 100 coupons) by this horrible whining voice.

It started ever so subtle and quiet.

Just some dude behind us waiting in line singing, "Baby, baby, baby...oh baby".

The droney whine continued with the same phrase over and over and over, but I quickly just passed it off as a guy with a song stuck in his head.

That is, until I felt the awful, nasally voice getting a little closer.  {Shudder}

I finally turned to take a subtle glance at the horrible noise making man and realized he had moved into my comfort zone (unwelcomed!) and was now pointing at my baby belly while droning on and on and on.  {Super Shudder}

It didn't stop there either.  Soon, the overly confident man had full creepy swivel hips in motion and a very disconcerting circular hand motion extremely too close to my baby belly all going along to his continued whiny, off pitch drone of "Baaaabeee, baaaabeee, baabeeee, oooooohhhh baaaaaaaabee."

AUGH!  At that instant, I so wished I had some fierce background in karate or kung fu.
Everything in me wanted to level the creepy dude.

But, alas, I was frozen and left completely defenseless and speechless.

It was so stunning and unnerving, I couldn't utter a single word.

I looked at the store clerk for help.

She looked back at me completely bewildered by the situation.

She started scanning coupons faster and faster.  On items "free with a coupon", she just quickly punched in random numbers that seemed close enough

We were both completely speechless and stunned.  (and creeped out!)

Normally, my super frank boys would have been full of loudly voiced questions about the unique fella behind us and his odd actions, but not today.  They could only stare with bewildered looks on their faces.  What was happening?  What was that singing?  What was that movement?

No one knew.  It was seriously beyond our wildest imaginations into the weirdo realm.

Thankfully, the last coupon was eventually scanned.  A small sigh may have escaped from me and the clerk as a I quickly swiped my credit card.

The receipt was quickly printed and stuffed into the bags that were being haphazardly tossed into the cart.

I grabbed the boys' hands and our cart.

Without looking back, we hastily hit the door.

The singing faded.  The creepy dude faded into the distance behind us.

We survived and were free!

It may be quite some time before we attempt the extreme couponing trip again...I don't think my ears or my baby belly can take the apprehension of running into Creepy Baby Baby Man again!

By the way...we did save $94 in coupons.  Not sure you'll be able to convince me it was worth it for awhile!


Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

well...I'm very sorry about your experience. but yeah on saving 94 bucks!

Sarah said...

oh nooooo!!! I've had experiences like that... NO FUN!! Just wait till a creepy man wants to touch your baby AFTER they're born... you might just remember some kung fu then! :)

peter marie said...

That is so strange! You poor girl.
Way to go on the coupons though!!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...


But amazing savings lady!! :)

sara said...

yikes! Unfortunately I think my reaction would have been to very loudly yell "back off"!! I did not handle those "personal space intrusions" well when I was pregnant!!!

And though that is AMAZING savings....I can not bring myself to coupon!!! ugh.

Mark and Laura said...

So sorry you had to endure such an invasion of personal space. Some people just have NO common sense at all.

Way to go on the $94 saved. That's amazing. I don't have the patience to do couponing even though I envy those who do it well.

Darlene said...

Nasty Man! I do have to say though, you so crack me up.

une autre mère said...

Wow. That is so weird. You've left me speechless too! WHAT in the WORLD?!?! What's WRONG with people?! Do you think he had some mental problems? I sure hope so... I really hope you never see that guy again!

But great job on your couponing!!! I HEART TARGET!!! Yay for stacking coupons!! :)

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. Andrew and I got stuck on the Extreme Couponing show the other night. It's happened once or twice before. Just such a strange show. But anytime I've seen it, I immediately think, Londa could do that. That's nothing. She could beat that. She could even get them for free. Then I immediately wonder if you'd be horrified at the thought that I just included you in a thought reflection on extreme couponers. Oh well. Just know that I have full confidence in your frugality abilities. AND BABY MAN NEEDS TO BACK OFF. If he ever comes at you again, I'll level him for you. This version of the telling is so much crazier, giving the full effect of the overall creepiness. The coupon disappointment too . . . and the dancing? What in the world??? I'd have asked someone to promptly escort him to his car. --Jess

Anonymous said...

P.S. I showed this post to Andrew. He was so grossed out. Said he'd have leveled him on the spot. -Jess

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

Oh yuck!! So, so creepy. Glad you saved some cash, though :)!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh londa...i justdon't even know what to say...creepy! People can be so weird :)

Kate said...


Londa I am laughing so hard right now!! I would have given anything (ANYTHING!!) to have seen that! What a creeper that guy was!!

Too funny!

Congratulations on your huge savings!