Friday, June 3, 2011

Fat Friday!

Did you know it's National Donut Day?

It was also the last day of school for Cloe.

So we decided to CELEBRATE!

"Homemade" Donuts...all fried up!

We heated up some oil and threw in some refrigerator biscuits with a little hole cut in the middle.  (Yes, classy!)

Once they were golden brown, we flipped them and cooked the other side.
We patted off the excess grease on paper towels.
 And rolled our piping hot donuts in powdered sugar...
 ...or regular sugar.
 Finger licking good!  (Enough grease and sugar to last us for quite awhile!)

We took our obligatory "Last Day of School Picture" on the front steps...can't get enough of our pretty girl!

 The boys wanted to kiss their sister before she left!  Hope they always adore her this much!
Last day of parent drop-off...

I couldn't help but notice as we celebrated Donut Day, the last day of school, and the arrival of summer vacation, that the American flag was at half mast.  While this day marks one of the "best" days in a kid's life, it surely marks one of the worst days in some family's life as they bury their soldier.  Praying for those families today who have suffered a great lost and praying for our soldiers that are still serving...


Kate said...

Your daughter is lovely :-) Is she happy to be finished with the school year? My son longs for the last day and my daughter dreads it!

Love that you made donuts... I need to step up my mommy-game now that I'm home again!

It breaks my heart every time I hear of a soldier that has lost their life. How I wish they could all just come home now.

Blessings my friend.

une autre mère said...

I had no idea that was how to make donuts. Quite informative! :)

That picture of the boys kissing Cloe is adorable! The look on her face is priceless!

Happy Summer!!!