Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Vacation Bible School Week...and a random favor!

It's a crazy exciting week here:  VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL!

The theme is Rev It Up Full Throttle For God!

Race cars and checkered flags are everywhere!

Today was t-shirt day, so I tapped deeply into my crafty side...
...oh who am I kidding...
I printed out some stellar iron-on transfers!  Woot!

The Pit Crew Leader and his Jack Men.
Not to be left out, my amazingly crafty, caring and generous friend made me my own specialized race car shirt.
It's cute.
It's super creative!
I can't imagine how much work this was--each letter is stitched on!
I love it!

Oh, the brain of a pregnant lady.  I'm sorry.
This picture was a good idea in theory...
Isn't it stinkin' cute?

After VBS, swimming lessons, and a trip for groceries, I was at that "no energy" stage.
The kids were so helpful in carrying in and putting away the groceries, picking up around the house, finding a healthy snack and playing very contently outside.  
Can you spot my monkey in the tree?  I had to keep reminding him...that's high enough!  
The kids also adopted two baby bunnies.  I told them they shouldn't touch the babies.  So what do their creative minds come up with?  Why wrapping the bunnies in leaves and then picking them up.  Technically they weren't "touching" the bunnies.  Oh my.  Sometimes they are not my children.  I could never even bring myself to touch a bunny through a leaf much less actually desire to pick one up!  They had a blast and the babies happily hopped off later.

So here's the favor I need from you!

Pretty, pretty please!

Awhile back, I made this special Berry Pie for our family.  Later on, I submitted it to Sweetopia's Sweet of the Week Contest really thinking that it would never even get a second glance, but maybe it was worth a shot.

Well, guess what!  I'm on this week's list of choices to vote for.

Now, I realize that the competition of sweet treats presented all totally kick my rear.  But maybe, if you're feeling just really generous, you'd give me a vote?  You know...boost the pregnant lady's ego?  (going to miss playing the pregnant card in a month!)

So, go here:  Sweetopia's Sweet of the Week and place your vote for the Berry Pie. 

Thank you!  Thank you!

And as soon as I come across a free berry patch, I promise to make each and everyone of you a Berry Pie! ;)


Anonymous said...

Londa, your link isn't working. I'll come back later and try again. :)

I was going to tell you that after the baby is born you can play the "new baby" card. And then after that you can play the "toddler" card. So you're good for at least a couple more years . . . :)

Teresa :-) said...

Vote cast! I'm curious to see how my berry pie will do when its boxed up and sent down here:-)

peter marie said...

Glad you liked the shirt! :)

I voted too...can you vote more than once? It looks delicious!!

Jamie said...

You and your gang look so cute in those shirts...they are all adorable.

Going to vote now.

Sarah said...

I voted AND I LOVE these pictures!! Glad you guys are doing well... summer, vbs, kids at home all day... it's a crazy time of year for mommies! :)